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Mountain Biking Packages in Cuzco, Peru.

Our mountain biking packages take you through the valleys and mountains of the Peruvian Andes and are designed for riders of all levels, ranging from 1-10 days.  We offer top-of-the-line full suspension Felt mountain bikes, quality protective gear, lunch, snacks, and water, and of course an unforgettable experience. Please contact us for availability and pricing! 

Choose Your Single-Day Peru Bike Ride:

Each single-day ride provides a different Andean biking experience in one of the most surprisingly untouched yet world-class biking regions on Earth.  

Lares (Sacred valley):

Transport will bring you from Cuzco past a wealth of Inca ruins, where you'll reach Lamay at heights over 4,000 m- 4218 meters, to be exact.  The 1.5-2 hour downhill brings you through mountainside grazing lands of alpaca, sheep, and cows, follows a quietly roaring river, and tests your technical skills on ancient Inca steps and tight turns along incredibly scenic ravines.  The ride spills out into the charming city of Calca in the midst of the Sacred Valley, where you'll find a variety of comfortable restaurants for a drink and a meal.

For the particularly ambitious (and time permitting), we offer a second ride at either Lamay or Lares free of charge on the same day.  

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Lamay, near Lares, is a fairly technical 1 hour downhill on the mountains surrounding the Sacred Valley.  It's just over the mountains from the Lares valley and shares many of the magnificent vistas, tests of talent, and liberating stretches of adrenaline-filled declines.  Most consider this to be a technically more challenging ride than Lares.  Reserve your spot today!


Inca Legends:  

This fun mostly downhill road ride carries you from a cloud-shrouded mountain pass along stunning cliffs, canyons, and curves, arriving in a deep valley decorated with fruit orchards and rivers - an earthly Eden.  Enjoy a local lunch and some of the most incredible views of remote canyons, all while riding the edge of towering, vertical cliffs. It's the full package: culture, adrenaline, and vistas and it's specifically designed for novice to intermediate bikers. You have to live it to believe it  Reserve your spot today!

Mirador Climb:

For the fitness junky, we offer a two hour climb up to mirador, which offers priceless views over the quaint town of Andahuaylillas as well as the Cuzco, Sacred, and Andahuaylillas valleys.  The inevitable photo-session is followed by a half hour climb and a 1-1.5 hour descent into town , home to a marvelous 17th century chapel.  For the more casual rider, a transport brings you up to mirador, after which you'll embark on a half hour climb followed by the same 1-1,5 hour decent.  Part of this ride's charm is the experience of a small Andean town framed by a trout-filled river and towering mountains, quilted with fields of maize, quinoa, papas, and grazing livestock.  Reserve your spot today!

Radar with a BBQ and beers

This is Haku owner Buffalo Bill's top of the list ride, most of the time. We will drive up to the airport radar with some amazing views of Ausangate, a huge peak to the south. From there we ride a ridge and drop into single track that flows all the way to town. Waiting for our starving bodies is a BBQ and some cold beers. You can't have a better day, amazing area, amazing ride! 

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salkantay by bike/ mAchu Picchu included:

4 days/3 night

Day 1 

Meeting up at Haku Expeditions in the late morning we pile into a private car, loaded with the bikes and gear. We head south out of Cusco and after about three hours we arrive in Mollepata where we stop to stretch, have a quick snack, and have a look around. We then continue on to Soray Pampa where we spend the night in cabins under the majestic and formidable Salkantay and Huamantay Peaks.

Day 2

It’s an early morning wake up call as we like to try to get a jump on the hikers meaning less moving obstacles on the way down. We have our bikes loaded on mules, carefully, and have a steady three hour hike to the summit. It’s nice to get warmed up before we have more than 18 miles of downhill coming up. On arrival at the summit we put together our bike and start the 30 km downhill. What starts off as technical, rocky sections soons turns into flowing singletrack. Arriving in Santa Teresa we hit up the relaxing hot springs and soothe our muscles. From there we stay at a the beautiful Eco Quecha lodge getting the rest we deserve. 

Day 3 

Since bikes don't roll an railroad tracks very well we have a short hike to Aquas Calientes, getting there after lunch and relaxing for the remainder of the afternoon. 

Day 4 

Today we visit the famous ruins of Machu Picchu, a guide is included and for those who want to scamper up the mountain and see the sunrise the possibility is there. If you're not into it there are buses to take you up (not included). In the afternoon you have a return trip by train to Cusco.

Duration; 4 days

Included; Transport , guide, bikes and gear, lodging, MP entrance ticket, guide at the ruins, food and train ticket back to Cusco. And an unforgettable once of a lifetime experience.

Difficulty; Expert

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combine rides for a custom multi-day bike expedition! 

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the ultimate Andean 10-Day bike adventure!

A true bucket-list killer, our exclusive ten-day bike expedition offers you an incredible experience of the countryside surrounding Cuzco, from jungle to snow to hot springs to fruit-filled orchards.  Each gravity, adrenaline filled day ends in a beautiful location of the Cuzco region, with private transport bringing riders from one area to the next.  The itinerary includes more the 12 rides over the course of 10 days, eventually bringing riders to the Sacred Sanctuary of Machu Picchu. There's simply nothing like it.  

This expedition has limited slots, next group trip is for June 24th, contact us or email @ today!

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