Ten Day Haku Exclusive:  A true bucket-list killer.  Our exclusive ten-day bike expedition offers you an incredible experience of the countryside surrounding Cuzco, from jungle to snow to hot springs to fruit-filled orchards.  Not enough?  The final leg takes you to the foot of an ancient wonder of the world, Machu Picchu.  There's simply nothing like it.  

This expedition has limited slots, so contact us now to reserve your seat.

Three Day Ride:  The compromise between a single day ride and the ten day odyssey, our three day biking journey is the perfect way to ride exhilarating trails in the day and rest under starry mountain skies at night.  Group size is limited to 6 riders, so please plan accordingly.  Contact us now to book your journey.


Single Day Ride:  The most concentrated adventure we offer, you'll climb and drop from morning until night through our favorite local trails.  You've never slept better.  Book here.