Tour 1: Adventure Biking the Ausangate


  • Join us for a challenging mission through some of the wildest and most beautiful terrain in the Peruvian Andes.  This trip has a little bit of everything: the quaint indigenous villages of Pitumarca and Tinqui, the majestic multicolored peaks of Cerro Siete Colores (Rainbow Mountain), and a traverse around the massive Cerro Ausangate. At nearly 21,000’ Ausangate is by far the most immense peak in the area, and you’ll get up close and personal riding a section of its fantastic loop trail. More of expedition than gentle stroll, you’ll put in some big days gaining multiple 13,000 to 17,000’ passes in order to access this pristine terrain and earn a few long technical descents along the way. Luckily the magic of this place makes it all worthwhile. While we do offer this route as a self-supported bikepacking tour, we strongly suggest incorporating the aid of mules to help lighten the load as the rough and very high terrain will work you to the bone as it is!

Significant previous mountain biking experience and physical fitness are required in order to take on this 5-7 day adventure. 


  • Day 1: Cusco to Rainbow Mountain trailhead
  • Day 2: Rainbow Mountain Trailhead to Anantapata Lodge
  • Day 3: Anata to Laguna Ausangate
  • Day 4: Laguna Ausangate to Surapampa
  • Day 5: Surapampa to Patacancha
  • Day 6: Patacancha to Tinqui/Quyllurit'I Festival

Tour 2: Bikepacking Lares Trek and the Sacred Valley


  • Experience the magic of self-supported mountain bike touring, better known as bikepacking, in one of the most beautiful settings on Earth. We now offer custom multi-day tours in a variety of orientations from completely self-supported (you carry all your gear on the bike) to fully van-supported (you just ride your mountain bike and we carry the rest), and everything in between while exploring the exciting mountain biking terrain in the area. 

Bikepacking is a fantastic alternate to multi-day trekking experiences as you can cover much more distance per day while remaining in the silence and magic of the Peruvian wilderness. Rather than beating up your knees descending the immense high passes, pick your way through ideal mountain biking terrain instead! 

Looping the Lares

Gorgeous mountains. Vigorous climbs. Feverish descents. And hot springs. Riding the Lares loop will give you a wonderful taste of the varied terrain within the Urubamba mountains. Over 4 days we will climb out of Ollantaytambo to access the Lares hot springs between two grand passes, sandwiched on both sides by fun and technical downhill trails. While we can arrange shuttles for the biggest and longest climbs, sometimes the descents are even sweeter after the hard work it takes to reach them. As always we customize this route based on the needs and wants of each group. 


  • Day 1: Patacancha Shuttle (Shuttle up and leave stuff in Patacancha, ride up to the trailhead, ride the trail, then shuttle back up to Patacancha. Spend the night in hotel there or in your place in Ollantaytambo)
  • Day 2: Ride/HAB from Patacancha to the pass or if fast, down to Lares hot springs
  • Day 3: Ride (if bikepacking) up to Lares pass (1200m climb) and Lares Trail down to spend a night in Calca or Lamay. 
  • Day 4: if returning to Cusco, ride from Calca up dirt climb to access Yuncaypata trail system back into Cusco.