Day 1 

Leave Cuzco from Arcopata midmorning for a three hour drive to Mollepata where we'll stretch, have some food, and pack up the truck.

When we're ready we hop in the back of the truck, Peruvian style, and drive down some dirt packed, cliff hugging, and incredibly scenic roads to Soray Pampa. Soray Pampa is located at the feet of two seriously big mountains, Salkantay and Humantay.  We’ll rest here tonight.


Day 2

Today we rise at 6:30 AM. After a hearty breakfast and overseeing the loading up of the horses we start our hike up to base camp, a camouflaged nook in the mountains at 4900 m.s.n.m, the hike is fantastic and the time a lotted to do it makes it very enjoyable, you climb past Humantay lake and by the time you are at base camp it's a distant puddle. The remainder of the day is practicing putting on your crampons, harness, and snapping some photos. Dinner is early, and so is bedtime, between six and seven. We are waking up at 1:30 to be at the peak by sunset.


Day 3

At 1:30 AM we trudge in single file, headlamps illuminating the deer paths until we hit the glacier. When the time is right, depending on the snow levels, we stop and strap on our crampons and put the harnesses on. Roped in and security in place we start to climb the glacier with rests when needed. You arrive at the peak and if all is in your favor the views are phenomenal: to the East is the Amazon, a carpet of green, and to the North lies the Andes Mountains, and Salkantay in her majesty.

We spend a decent amount of time at the peak, weather permitting, and then begin the descent back down to Soray Pampa, passing by base camp to pick up our belongings, have a rest and continue on our way.  We’ll arrive back to Cuzco- and you’ll forever have climbed one of Cuzco’s finest mountains