Choquequirao-Machu Picchu 7D/6N Epic Trek


The following is the standard itinerary for Haku clients, though we're flexible if you'd like to propose any changes.

This is a real beauty...

Day 1:  In the late afternoon, a transport will bring you from Cuzco to the small Andean pueblo of Cachora (3 hours), where you’ll sleep before the morning’s hike. 

Day 2: Transport will bring you to the head of the trail (30 minutes).  You’ll meet your arriero and load the mules before a 3 hour descent followed by a 1.5 hour ascent to Santa Rosa Baja, where you’ll eat and rest (snacks available for purchase) before the final 1.5 hour climb to Marampata village.  The day will end in Marampata, a quaint and incredibly scenic pueblito from which you can catch the first glimpse of the ruins of Choquequirao.  Showers, snacks, drinks, and bathrooms are available here.

Hike duration: 6 hours

Day 3: From Marampata village, you’ll hike 2 hours to the Choquequirao campsite.  You’ll setup camp and ascend another 25 minutes to the ruins of Choquequirao.  The early arrival (9 am) will leave you with a full day to explore the ruins.  A few helpful guides and groundskeepers, eager for some company, will likely show you around the many buildings and terraces of the city, which is only 30% excavated.  

Hike duration: 2.5 hours

Day 4:  After yesterday's full afternoon in Choquequirao, you’ll hike (1 hour) over a 3272 m pass to find yourself descending (2 hours) towards the growing roar of the Rio Blanco.  After cooling off in mountain-fed pools, you’ll ascend (3 hours) a difficult set of switchbacks to the Maizal campsite where you can purchase soft drinks, beers, and snacks. 

Hike duration: 6 hours

Day 5: The morning will bring a fairly gradual climb for 2.5 hours to a 4200 m pass, where you’ll discover some of the most outstanding views our planet has to offer: towering glacier mountains, brilliant purple flowers, churning rivers, and all beneath the slow circles of condors floating overhead.  The relatively easy descent into the remote town of Yanama (1 hour) terminates at a road where a transport to Santa Teresa awaits you.  A 4 hour photo-worthy drive to your room at the Eco-Lodge will give you time to rest your legs.  Santa Teresa offers natural hotsprings and the Eco-Lodge provides beautiful accommodations to ease the cost of the past few days. 

Hike Duration: 3.5 hours

Day 6: From your lodging you’ll take a short ride to Hydroelectric, followed by a three-hour trek along railroad tracks bringing you to pueblo Machu Picchu (commonly known as Aguas Calientes) at the foot of the sanctuary of Machu Picchu.  Here a dinner awaits you at one of the finest restaurants in Aguas Calientes- replenish your lost reserves of protein and energy!  You’ll spend the night at El Mistico, a hotel along the river which curls around Mount Machu Picchu. 

Hike duration: 3 hours

Day 7: A morning hike (1.5 hours) will bring you to the gates of Machu Picchu.  After spending the morning exploring the ruins of Machu Picchu (and comparing to Choquequeriao), you’ll take the train back to Cuzco- and civilization.

Hike duration: 1.5 hours


This trip is designed for the independent, alternative, fit traveler.  The price includes an arriero with mules (highly recommended), all transport to and from Cuzco (and during the journey), as well as all lodging fees, admission to both Machu Picchu and Choquequirao, a luxurious final dinner in Aguas Calientes.  We are available to facilitate any gear rentals that are needed.

This route, though highly rewarding, demands endurance and strength.  Travelers are required to show proof of traveler's insurance and sign a waiver of release.  Contact us with any questions.