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An astonishing insight into the native Peruvian way of life far away from the usual touristic tours.
— Marius P, "Day in the Life" June 2014



Explore the outskirts of Cuzco one some of the finest horses the region has to offer.  The trail will take you through eucalyptus forests to off-the-beaten-track Inca ruins near the mountain upon which Cuzco is said to have been founded. Off the beaten path. For all levels of riders. This tour can be added on to your custom itinerary.

A Day-In-The-Life Culture Tour

If you can spend just one day in Cuzco, do this.  Our Day in the Life tour is an entrance into the world of Cuzco's working class and the rich (and often incredible) history of the local Inca Culture.  You'll experience the hidden yet authentic sides of Peru, both past and present: dawn-till-dusk manual labor, earthy foods of a unique mountain climate, rare terrain rich in minerals, a proud history of a legendary empire, and the influence of the Spanish in language, architecture, and religion.  In this single day trip you'll:

  • visit a pueblo where roofing tiles are manufactured by hand from adobe mud;
  • smell the wonders of a clay fired oven;
  • see handcrafted jewelry from local and imported stones;
  • eat (and if possible) harvest local produce;
  • witness the famous "alien mummies" in an Inca Museum;
  • visit one of the oldest churches in South America;
  • and eat with a local family in their home.

Transport and an authentic rural Peruvian meal are included in the cost.  Because we offer the meal at a friend's adobe home, space is limited: groups cannot exceed five people. 

Peru Travel Guide - Peru Trek Reviews

 See what past guests have to say (for our full reviews, click here!):

Rich and Tanya:  

Bill and Nic are great. Information about Cusco and Peru is accurate and helpful. They also do a "priceless" tour called a Day in the Life" drawing upon their experiences living amongst the people of Peru. That tour is a must do and please ask about that tour. Seeing the town and countryside and interacting with the Quechuan people was stimulating, pleasant and enlightening. Bill and Nic are awesome hosts and lots of fun to chat with. They are a bridge between two cultures.

Marius P:

I had such a great time staying with them! There are pretty much all the time some people around, either someone of the family or some other guests to ask for recommendations, experiences or just to hang out with them. And they are so glad to help you with all your stuff, ranging from booking tickets for machu picchu to calling cabs in advance etc! To everyone who is staying there for some longer time I would really recommend to do the "a day in the life" tour with one of them (and probably some of the kids as well!) - an astonishing insight into the native peruvian way of life far away from the usual touristic tours!

Rebecca Sattler:

As I echo the other reviewers, Bill and Nic are awesome. They welcome you right into their home and are willing to help you as much or as little as you would prefer. I love how people are constantly coming in and out, and travelers can offer up their own advice and experiences over breakfast or what have you. I really appreciated their help and insight as to how to navigate the city or get to where I needed to be (arranging taxis for me at the wee hours of the morning, mapping out how to get to Pisac, etc.). They also take you on little adventures of their own, such as the Saturday market or the "A Day in the Life" tour. I felt very safe at their house and would stay there again if ever back in Cusco. I really wish I could have stayed longer, one week was not enough to see everything!