Now that you have booked a custom tour...

 Please send a legible copy or picture of your passport to us by email. We need to see all details clearly. No flash, please look at the picture and see if you can read the numbers and dates. We need your passport so that you do not need to pay the 18%IGV tax. More importantly, We can not purchase Machu Picchu tickets. tain tickets or bus tickets without your passport. Machu Picchu and Huayana Picchu tickets sell out. Please send this information promptly.  

Please cut and copy this and send by email with the passport:

  • Full name as appears on Passport: 
  • Birthdate: Date/Month written out/Year
  • Age: (On date of Machu Picchu or arrival in Peru)
  • Passport number: (of Passport to be used while in Peru):
  • Passport Country: 
  • Sex: 
  • Email:
  • Dietary Restrictions/Allergies:
  • Health Conditions:
  • Hotel: (For start date of tour and for drop off when changing destinations)
  • Emergency Contact info:
  • Trip/Travel Insurance policy: 
  • Flight Info: date/time of arrival and departure, flight number and carrier, in and out of Cusco
  • For Adventure trips such as horseback and biking we need a few extra details:
  • Height:     Weight:    Helmet Size:    Glove Size: 

What you need to know:

 You will want a Trip/Travel Insurance that covers you for the activities you will be doing in Peru. You will reach 15,000ft on the trek. Check that you are covered for your trip!

Check out our cancellation policy here:

Here is a very important blog about all, weather, clothing, food safety...

If you have whatsapp or a smart phone we suggest you download WhatsApp. This will allow us a very quick messaging system. We do not check emails more than twice a day. For emergencies or quick contact on arrival WhatsApp will be the way to go. 

  • Put us in your normal PHONE contacts. Not the whatsapp contacts. 
  • Use a plus before any international number
  • +51984501311 Nicole    +51984501692 William
  • Look for us on whatsapp and send a message

Packing List and What to Expect


CASH, bring cash, extra ATM cards and read the FAQ blog above. Water bottle. (Cusco does not recycle, avoid buying large amounts of small plastic bottles.) Rain Shell, sunhat or baseball cap, the sun is very strong, sunscreen, layers, layers, layers. All year round the weather can be very very cold and very very hot all in the same day! Warm jacket for nights and mornings. Comfortable shoes for walking around historical sites, charging devices and cords. We have 220v. Check that you device can be used here or if you need a converter. We have plugs that are either two round entrances or vertically flat, like this: |  |    


Sacred Valley tours or City Tours or anywhere you will visit ruins: Bring your tourist ticket. The 130 soles tourist ticket will get you into all the local ruins such as Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Moray, Tipon and then into museums as well. Have it on you. If you have a private car, which is 99% of the case with Haku Expeditions, you can bring extra things and leave them in the car such as rain jackets, boxed lunch, extra water etc. 


Original Passport, Layers for clothing, Light shell rain jacket or poncho, Sunhat, Sunscreen, Bug spray, Lunch or snacks, Water, Camera, Boxed Lunch, Money for bus ticket 28-30 USD in crisp conditions, nothing ripped or old, Money for drinks or snacks, Comfortable shoes, Chapstick with SPF

What to expect: Once single bathroom at the entrance, use it before entering. You must walk in one certain way and will be far from the entrance at most times. No place to buy snacks, or water or food inside of Machu Picchu. Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain additional hikes: They are long and take time, arrive at the gate at the time stated on your ticket, for instance 7-8 am entrance, get there at 7 am. Meet your guide at the stated time and place or you may loose your tour. For the Train Ride home: You must be at the train 30 minutes in advance, beware the bus lines can be very very long to get back down to the town below, you can choose to hike down too.


Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Snacks/lunch, Water, Small pack to carry snacks in, Rain jacket, shell, or poncho, Camera, Small amount of toilet paper or tissues, Sunscreen with SPF

These are very well bread Spanish Paso Horses, they are ready to go. Please make sure you are fully comfortable on them before setting off on the horseback trip. You must be comfortable on a large horse or ready for a bit of real adventure for this trip. This is not a walk around on country roads. You will be taking the horse out into the mountains of the Andes on steep inclines, cliff sides and such. 


Small pack to carry water and snacks, Water bottle or camel pack. We will have water refills for you, we DO NOT give out plastic bottles. Please bring any special snacks you would like. We provide cookies and crackers and lunch. Bring a rain shell, and layer your clothing, Flat bottomed sneakers like vans to stick to pedals, Rain Shell, Camera, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Bug spray for Inca Legends Beginner Ride Only, Chap-stick with SPF, Any medications for emergencies… inhaler, epi pen etc, Extra clothes in case you get wet for the drive home

What to expect: Cold and windy at the top, super hot if the sun is out. Rain anytime between Oct-May, Long drive on curvy roads to get to the trail head.


Puerto Maldonado:

Bug spray, sunscreen, hat, thin long sleeves and pants, swimming gear, binoculars, flashlights or headlamps, rain jacket, Packs to carry your stuff/don't bring a suitcase, wear light comfortable clothing.  

What to expect: You may have to hike to your lodging from the end of the boat ride. Go light and with packs. (You may leave stuff  in Puerto before heading out by boat. Suitcases, souvenirs, mountain gear etc.) It will be hot and there are mosquitos. Prepare accordingly.


Sunhat, sunscreen, hat, thin rain jacket, small day pack, lots of water, high calorie snacks, headache medicine, wear layers as it can be hot or super cold and snowy, good hiking shoes, walking poles, camera, extra money, toilet paper or tissues. 

What to expect: Very long curvy drive to the trailhead on both assault and gravel roads. The final part of the road is very curvy with lots of cliffs and is often one way but has cars going both ways. This is common in Peru. The hike itself is a hike up to 17,000ft/5180m. You will most likely need some kind of headache meds after the hike, you must drink plenty of water. Tell the guide if you feel at all sick. You MUST BE ACCLIMATISED for this hike. It can snow or rain at anytime at these elevations, be prepared for this please!


Sunhat, sunscreen, original passport, hat, thin rain jacket, small day pack, good hiking shoes or boots, walking poles, camera, extra money as there are no ATMS anywhere on this trip, toilet paper or tissues, bug spray: natural or otherwise, bathing suit, travel towel or rent one at the springs, you will need a day pack plus your normal suitcase or pack as we will send your things forward to the train while you hike. Have layers for clothing as it can be hot or cold. 

What to expect: At the hot springs you can purchase food, snacks and beer if you would like. You will need a swimsuit. Towels are for rent for 5 soles. There are many tiny no-seeums bugs that bite, use plenty of repellent or tea tree oil.  At the coffee farm: You will have a tour of the coffee farm, harvest, roast, grind and make coffee. The coffee is very fresh and strong, be careful you don't drink too much as you will not be able to sleep. Drink plenty in the morning! You will sleep in a simple cabin run and owned by the locals. It is in the deep cloud forest, you may see spiders and such things. This is normal in this area. On the hike: We will send your things to the train. Have your things prepared in a bag or pack and carry a small day pack with your water and snacks, there will be small mosquitos so wear long sleeve and pants or use bug spray. You will have a nice lunch overlooking Machu Picchu. You will take a short train to the town below Machu Picchu to avoid a 9 hour hike day. We have provided this for you so please have your passport to get on the train. At Machu Picchu: See above for packing list and what to expect.