Avalanche Inca Trail Festival 11 Days / 10 Nights


Join Haku Expeditions April 22-May 1st  for 10 days of ripping the worlds best trails + Inca ruins + Peruvian culture + an insane mass start Enduro/DH Race = Inca Avalanche Trail Festival


The Race:

200 riders take on a 5000ft descent and 9 miles of gnarly Peruvian trails, each one hoping for victory.. Welcome to the Inca Avalanche DH/Enduro Race!


The Week:

Airport pick up for you and your bike. Head to the shop and build the bike, tomorrow we ride Cusco!

For three days we hit the trails in and around Cusco, the South Valley and the Sacred Valley. We sleep in Cusco for the first few nights so you can have some killer food and good times. We will do some urban rides before we head out to some sweet Ancient Inca Trail rides.

After we have had our fill in Cusco we head out to the living Incan town of Ollantaytambo and the home of the Inca Avalanche Trail Festival and Race. We lodge in the Secret Garden House of Ollanta and have a day to recover and maintain the bikes before we begin training for the race.

We hit up the Inca Avalanche race course 2-3 times in one day. Make sure you've been working those squats, cause the burn is real. We will show you the short cuts, the cut ins and have some time to work on the gnarly muddy top section. After 2-3 rides you may want another recovery day before qualifiers and race day. Rest up and eat big tomorrow 'cause after that it's on.

The day of qualifiers you get two runs for a chance at a front line position where you will find Alejandro Paz and Yannick Wende both pro riders in Peru and Bolivia. Each year the organiser Ali Goulet comes down from Utah to put on a killer event, bringing pro riders, Go Pro sponsorship, jump jams and most of all the Inca Avalanche Trail Festival!


Inca Avalanche Trail Festival:

This is where the real fun comes in. Biking is cool but sharing it with someone is even better. When you have spent the days ripping killer, hour long downhills and being mystified by the Inca Ruins along the way, the best part of the day is telling the stories. Laughing at the moments where you almost took on a 100 foot cliff with a pedal clip or where you cleaned a set of Inca stairs that everyone else got stopped on or that crazy crash, that luckily, you shook off. Every night each Trail Fest group gets together to eat and drink and talk about the days past and the days to come. The bond gets strong and the race day becomes something more than just a race. It becomes a memory that lasts a life time and a story for the grandkids.


Group size:

2 people: 1680 USD pp

3 people: 1480$ USD pp

4+ people: 1350$ USD pp

Once the amount of riders are confirmed we will confirm with you the price. We need a deposit and some information to book your spot. Don't miss out on this 10 day epic trip of a life time.


Inca Avalanche Trail Festival 2017 sponsored by GoPro // Municipalidad Distrital De Ollantaytambo oficial // Goal Zero




APRIL 22/Day 1: Arrival to the Imperial City of the Incas, Cusco

We will pick you and your bike up at the airport. Begin building your bike at the shop and then go check out this cool Incan city.

Day 2: Half Day Cusco Rides

Riding at 11,000 feet is no joke. We will ride a half day today, all shuttle rides. Have some fun with the urban stairs of Cusco and the wild dogs that give chase as you come into the city.

Day 3: South Valley Radar

Now we are ready for a full day of shredding. Pack up and head out to the little known valley in the South and ride the Radar trail. You won't be disappointed with today's trails. Heading out on a ridge at 14,000+ feet you will be left breathless. Literally. Then comes the long enduro style downhill passing though small adobe villages and locals in their traditional clothing harvesting local crops.

Beware of the local llama or two.


Day 4: Inca Trail Rides

Today we take on the epic Sacred Valley. Riding Inca Trails are the norm for us and we can't wait to show you what they were really made for, 2 wheels!

Today’s trails will take you through villages made of stone, alpacas, and locals who wonder what planet you came from. Bring your full face. It gets rocky and the Inca Stairs have no rhyme or reason to them, large, small, far or close they will have you wanting to know the line.


Day 5: Recover and Maintain that Bike

After three days of Peruvian single track, your bike and your body will be ready for some time off.

Relax in the hammocks of the Secret Garden House where you will stay and then get to some serious bike maintenance.

Eat big and enjoy this Living Incan Town of Ollantaytambo.


Day 6: Inca Avalanche Race Course-Training Day

Now that you are rested get up early and get 2-3 runs in on the course. Learn the ins and outs of this trail. We will take a short time to study the first section of the trail where the most carnage insures. Muddy, sloppy and filled with mud bogs this section is the most important if you want to get in front of the some 200+ riders and have a chance at the podium.


Day 7: Machu Picchu or Rest

We have left this day open for you to rest before the qualifiers or to take on Machu Picchu. Not included in the package price but something we are happy to help organise for you.

Get some sleep, tomorrow you will battle for the front lines of the race.


Day 8: Qualifiers for the Inca Avalanche Race!

Today you have two tries for the front lines on race day. Beware you are competing with pros from all over the globe AND lots of young determined locals on 100$ bikes.

Choose your line right and get to the front of those guys. Watch out for the mud bogs that swallow tires whole and the insane carnage that is sure to take place.


Day 9: Race Day

You have ben here 10 days, elevation is not an issue, you know the trail, you have paid respect to the Pachamama earth. It's now or never. Let go of the brakes and get on that podium.


Day 10: Cusco and a Night Out!

We will take you back to Cusco today where we can break down the bikes and share pictures and videos. You will sleep one last night in Cusco, lets make it memorable and go out!


~10 nights of lodging

~Airport pickup and drop off

~6 ride days with shuttles

~Entrance to the Inca Avalanche Trail Festival

~Race Entrance and Fees

~Official Trail Fest Jersey

~Lunch, snacks and water on all ride days

~Apps and a free drink each night of the Trail Fest April 24-30th

~All Transport

~Professional English speaking guides on all ride days, except qualifiers and race day

~All taxes and fees


Not Included:

~Machu Picchu Trip

~Lunch on non-ride days





What to bring for the Bike


• 2 Extra Derailer Hangers

• Extra Derailer

• Spare tire

• 2 extra tubes

• Brake pads 2 sets

• Chain Lubricant

• Extra Bearings for Bottom Bracket

• Extra Chain

• Extra pedals