Las Waykis All Female 10 day MTB Camp 

10 days of ripping world class trails and coaching sessions from Kat Sweet,

a super rad and professional MTB coach!

Las Waykis above the City Center of Cusco

Las Waykis above the City Center of Cusco



The 2017 trip was a complete success! 

In 7 days of riding we did 46,000’ of descending and rode 97.5 miles of gravity assisted shred! Our rides started as high as 14,500 feet / 4419m and went 8-12 miles.


Over the 10 days we worked on …

Body position, Braking, Wheel lifts, Roll downs, Drops, Jumps, Cornering, Steeps, Stairs, Scree, Loose rock, Tuck & Roll!!

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Las Waykis 2018


 Dates: October 19-28th.

Price: $2300USD*



10 nights of lodging. Breakfast each morning. 7 lunches on ride days. 7 Shuttle days for riding and skills training. Snacks on ride days and water on ride days. Dinner at a top restaurant, a Las Waykis jersey and fun prizes! A professional female instructor for skills drills and on-trail training. A local guide for the area on the trails. 

*Prices are with a 4 person minimum

Not included:

Bike, gear, flights, dinners and 3 lunches


Our itinerary looks something like this!


Come a day or two early to put your bike together and meet the crew. Also, don’t forget at this altitude you might want some time to acclimatize.


Day 1:  October 19: Skills Drills and on Trail Training

Now that you have met Kat Sweet and Nic Koch lets gear up and get ready for our first set of skills drills overlooking Cusco. We will work on position, cornering, drops, wheel lifts and more.

We will head out onto the local trails and practice jumps and drops. Today we don’t get a lot of real riding in as we want to get our skills sessions done so that later in the week it’s all shred! 

Day 2: October 20: Sacred Valley Incan Stairs and Trails

Today is a big day….we head out to Lamay and then the small adobe town of Sapaccto at 13744 ft./4,189m. where you will see alpacas and local women dressed in their typical attire. We will shred 4000 Feet/1240 meters feet of descent with minimal 30 second climbs. Although this trail is only 8.5 miles/13.7 Km it is full of fun technical things to keep you on your toes. There is a 5 minute long stair set that will have you breathing hard and in the ready to attack position.  Once in Lamay we will fuel up and head up to the next ride Lares!


Lares has a scree field at the top that is no joke. Super steep and quite spectacular, we will hike a bike up to the top. The 15 minute hike a bike to 14,640 feet/ 4462 meters will show you what altitude is all about. After we catch our breath we will try our hand at making turns in the crazy scree field. See Haku’s Video with Geoff Gulevich as he does it right!

The way down from the scree field turns into legit Inca Trail, with alpacas and llamas running from you as you come around the corners.

Trail Stats:

Distance: 11.24 miles/18.1 Km

Max. Elevation: 13847 ft./4,220m. or (14,640 ft/ 4462m at the SCREE FIELD)

Elevation descent: 4206 ft./ 1282m. 

On the way home if there is time we can do an Urban downhill though small alleyways and the crazy stairways of Cusco. Watch for dogs, children and sheep as you may find them all in the Cusco city streets!


Day 3: October 21: Rest, relax and recover.

Also maintain that bike! We have you in a hotel close to the house so you can use our shop whenever you need it. Roam the Cusco city streets as they are quite unique. You will find Incan and Colonial architecture on top, large doorways with arched patios inside. There are whole city blocked made from Incan Stone and Catholic temple on every corner. Cusco is sure to impress you.


Day 4: October 22: South Valley RAD-Rrrrrr where the pirates shred!

The South Valley is Nic’s old stomping grounds. Her and her husband Bill explored this valley and all its little goat trails until they found a few favorites! Radar starts at 14,658ft./4,468m. and follows a steep ridge line for about 10 minutes before you find the epic single track that will take you all the way down to the river. You traverse around 2 mountains and descend 4487 ft./ 1367m in elevation over 11.7 miles/ 18.8 km


Switchbacks of Chipta

After this trail we will take you on 21 steep switchbacks that will challenge even the techiest turner. This trail depends on the weather as we have to take a 4x4 truck to get to the top. The rain would make this trail impossible to get to. The switchbacks of Chipta will take us straight to the house of a local who will cook lunch for us and give us a solid does of Peruvian culture.

Trail stats:

Distance: 5.7 miles / 9.2km /

Max Elevation: 12,992 ft /3,960 m /

Elevation descent: 2,723 ft/ 830m



Day 5: October 23: The local Cusco Gnar

After an early start each day lets roll it back an hour and sleep in. Today are all short trax but super sweet and easy to find gnar if we want. We can also practice jumps today and the local Cusco tracks have loads of little and BIG jumps. Where we go depends on the vibe of our group and we will discuss it before hand. If you want to check out Nicole’s Strava for these rides.  Look for Ccorao, Pumamarca, Santa Maria, Mini Rampage, Yuncaypata, Huayarcocha, Quillahuata.

Day 6: October 24: Rest, Recover, Relax.

Maintain those bikes as tonight is our last night in Cusco before heading out to the Sacred Valley and the living Incan Town of Ollanta. If we are not too tired we can have a short course on crashing.

Day 7: October 25: Maras, Salt Mines and More

Today is another skills day. We will again be working on jumps for the morning before heading out on some sweet tracks overlooking the Sacred Valley. We will pass through the salt mines today on our way out to Ollantaytambo and get a view like no other!

As we won’t know how many runs we can fit with a skills day I won’t post the stats. Just this….. #goodtimes

Day 8: October 26: Inca Avalanche Dh/Enduro Race Course

No joke is the Inca Avalanche race course. Starting at 14,135 ft./4,308m and descending 4970 ft./ 1514m. Every April this is the scene of a mad crowd of over 200 mountain bikers rampaging down the mountain in pursuit of victory. More of a downhill trail it has a great mix of everything and will leave you with a permanent grin for weeks afterwards. We will run this trail twice. It it’s 8.8 miles/ 14.3 km each lap.

Day 9: October 27: Rest, Relax or check out Machu Picchu

Today you are close to the Incan sanctuary of Machu Picchu. If you would like to visit it let us know. We can help you organize this day trip by train. Another check off the bucket list.

Day 10: October 28: Today we will ride Lares and Lamay again!

These trails are always the favorite trail! We have found on all of our 10 day trips that everyone is looking to repeat these two trails. We will bring all our stuff and head back into Cusco after today’s two rides. Lets go out in style! We have included an amazing dinner at a top Cusco restaurant to recap the best moments of the trip and have included prizes for some of the best moments such as; best quote, best crash, most improved…etc.




Please be aware that we may change the itinerary at any time for circumstances such as weather, trail conditions, sticks by the people, ability of riders etc.