Mountain Bike Expedition in Peru

Photo Credit: Justa Jeskova Photography

Photo Credit: Justa Jeskova Photography


 Mountain Bike Expedition in Peru


Day 1: Arrive in Cusco for the first day of your mountain bike expedition in Peru. We will pick you and your bike up and take you to your hotel. We can put the bikes together and have a briefing about your upcoming trip. Feel free to check out the city center of Cusco. 

Day 2: Today we will head out and ride in the Sacred Valley. We ride two amazing trails with 8000ft of descent.  We will head back to Cusco to sleep for the night. 


Lares/Lamay: Ride not one but two amazing single track routes in the Sacred Valley of Cusco. Both rides start at passes above the Sacred Valley and descend back into the small town plazas of Calca and Lamay. 


LARES: Distance: 11.24 miles/18.1 KmMax. Elevation: 13847 ft./4,220m. (4462 SCREE FIELD)Elevation descent: 4206 ft./ 1282m.


LAMAY: Distance: 8.5 miles/13.7 Km / Max. Elevation: 13744 ft./4,189m. / Elevation descent: 4068 ft./ 1239m.

Day 3: Today we can hit all the local Cusco tracks. There are plenty of gnarly trails in the area and we will shuttle to as many as we can in one day! 

Day 4: Rest recover and get ready for the Expedition. Today make sure your bike is ready to go for the next 4 days. Bring all of your extra bike parts and anything you may need for trailside repairs. 

Day 5: Today we will ride our favorite trail in the South Valley, Radar. This is a long trail that traverses around a few mountains until you hit the river in a small town called Andahuaylillas. From here we will eat lunch and head out to Ausangate where the real mountain bike expedition in Peru begins!

RADAR: Located in the South Valley and the original riding grounds of Bill and Nicole Koch this ride carries you over a ridge and finally drops you into the river valley ending in Andahuaylillas. 

Distance: 11.7 miles/18.8 Km / Max. Elevation: 14,658ft./4,468m. / Elevation descent: 4487 ft./ 1367m.

Head out to Ausangate and arrive in the village of Paqchanta where a nice warm cup of coca tea will be awaiting you. The people here are true mountain people, alpaca herding and potato farming are their main staples. They wear traditional clothing and are in a deep relationship with the earth, the Pachamama and Los Apus.

Once arriving in Paqchanta you will be stunned by the beauty of the area and the magnificence of the Apu (mountain god) Ausangate. Dinner is waiting at your cook’s house and afterwards you are invited to relax in the natural hot springs or relax.

You spend the night in Paqchanta, acclimatizing and living with the Andean people. 

 Day 6: The trek today consists of a 3 hour hike to 15,430ft  with snow capped mountains in the background. We will ride down some freeride lines into camp. There is plenty of time at the top to hike up to ridge lines and take pictures or video clips on the bikes. You may encounter vicunas, alpacas and llamas while hiking. If you are lucky, you will get to see locals weaving textiles in the backcountry. The views are stunning the entire day! 

Lunch is waiting at the camp for you and the camp is all set up and ready. We always include a cook and cook tent which serves as a refuge to eat in and pass the evening.  Tonight we will try and buy an alpaca from the locals of the area. If we are lucky we will get one and have a great dinner tomorrow!

 Hiking stats~ Start at 14,230 ft. hike up to 15,430 and down to 14,400 over 4 miles in distance.

Day 7 There’s nothing like waking up in the Andes. Today is a good hike where you can also pedal some uphill  up to a mountain pass at 15,800  and then a gnarly downhill to a huge glacial alpine lake. Today those who would like to ride uphill can do so for many parts of the uphill. On arrival, the camp is set up and hot lunch awaits you. If we were lucky last night we will have a pachamanca dinner of alpaca tonight!

Stats ~14,350 to 15,800 down to 14,400 over 5.8 miles

 Day 8: Today is a beautiful ride along the alpine lake Sigrenecocha. There is a lot of small up and down above 14,000 ft. The day seems harder than the rest as you can ride the whole thing. The views are stunning. Your transport back to Cusco is waiting at the end of the trail and you are typically back in Cusco around 5 p.m. 

We will celebrate at night with an amazing dinner in Cusco!

Stats ~14,300 ft above sea level and a distance of  5+ miles


Day 9: We will take you to the airport for your flight out. 


Included in the first part of the trip: 

~5 nights lodging in hotel

~3 shuttle bike days with guide, lunch, snacks, water, shuttle car

~Haku Expeditions Jersey

~Nice celebratory dinner after the tour

~Airport pick up and drop off on any dates you choose


Included for the Mountain Bike Expedition in Peru:

~Entrances and fees into the park

~Local homestay for one night while acclimatizing 

~ English speaking bike guide

~ All food, water, and snacks from day 1 lunch to day 4 lunch

~ Cook and cook tent

~ Horses and arrieros (men who wrangle the horses) to carry the gear and food,       you are only carrying water, snacks, protective clothes and personal items            

(camera, sunscreen, etc.) 

~People to help push the bikes and all their needs for the first two days and nights

~ Transport to and from Cusco in a car that can carry the bikes safely and all the gear

~ Tents


Not included:

~ Sleeping bags



~Meals where stated



2 people $2650 per person

3-4 people $2195 per person

5+ people $1995 per person