Mountain Bike Tours in Cusco, Peru:





Our mountain bike tours in Cusco, Peru will exceed all expectations! We will take you on epic bike trails in Cusco and the Sacred Valley. We have been riding mountain bikes in Cusco for 12 years and have put the top trails on the list. Write to us with your mountain bike background and we will match your skill to one of the routes below.


Our Bikes and Gear:

We offer top-of-the-line full suspension Kona Process 134DL and Kona Process 153 mountain bikes, quality protective gear, English speaking mountain bike guides, A private shuttle to get you to the trail, lunch, snacks, and water, and of course an unforgettable experience. 

Full Day Mountain Bike Tours in Cusco, Peru:


Lares in the Sacred Valley of the Incas:

Transport will bring you from Cuzco past a wealth of Inca ruins, where you'll reach Lares at heights over 4,000 m- 4218 meters, or 13,838 feet to be exact.  The 1-2 hour downhill mountain bike ride tests your technical skills on ancient Inca steps and tight turns along cliff edges.   The ride spills out into the the midst of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

For the most advanced riders we will hit the scree field of Lares. We must have previously ridden with you to take on this crazy dh scree field madness. Check out Geoff Gulevich's video when he rode with us for a 10 day Trip of a Lifetime on Lares.

Distance: 11.24 miles/18.1 Km

Max. Elevation: 13847 ft./4,220m. (4462 SCREE FIELD)

Elevation descent: 4206 ft./ 1282m. 



Lamay, is a  technical yet fluid1-2 hour downhill bike trail ride filled with gnarly Inca stairs, cliff edges and wild dogs that will chase you down this adrenaline ride. With at least three black diamond stair sets even the most advanced riders will find this ride challenging. 

Distance: 8.5 miles/13.7 Km

Max. Elevation: 13744 ft./4,189m.

Elevation descent: 4068 ft./ 1239m. 



Bill and Nic were the first to ever lay tracks on this crazy long, never ending enduro style trail in the South Valley of Cusco. Ok to be exact and ever lay tracks on the bottom section of Radar, which we found by climbing to it for 2 1/2 hours!!!!  Located in the South Valley and the original riding grounds of Bill and Nicole Koch this ride carries you over a ridge and finally drops you into the river valley ending in Andahuaylillas. Check it out here....

Distance: 11.7 miles/18.8 Km

Max. Elevation: 14,658ft./4,468m.

Elevation descent: 4487 ft./ 1367


Huchuy Qosqo: 

For those who want to add in some climbing on the ride......and we mean serious climbing. Starting at some 12,000ft/3657m you climb to 14,000ft/4317m and arrive at the pass, from here you descend well maintained Inca Trail while riding some seriously death defying gnarly stair sections. The exposure along with the the craziest and gnarliest of all switchbacks are by far the most intense part of this ride. Find your reward in the breathtaking views at the magical ruins of Huchuy Qosqo. Only for advanced strong technical riders. 

Distance: 13.1 miles/21.2 km

Max Elevation: 14163 ft/4317m

Elevation Descent 4555ft/1388m


Inca Avalanche DH RACE COURSE: 

Every April this is the scene of a mad crowd of over 200 mountain bikers rampaging down the mountain in pursuit of victory. More of a downhill trail it has a great mix of everything and will leave you with a permanent grin for weeks afterwards. 

Distance: 8.88 miles/14.3 Km

Max. Elevation: 14135 ft./4,308m.

Elevation descent: 4970 ft./ 1514m. 


Patacancha Enduro: 

The scene of one of the highest Enduro bike races in the world, this is one that will test your lungs and leave you loving the high alpine riding where you can choose your own free ride lines. A long, epic mountain bike trail this classic Enduro ride is located outside of Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley.

Distance: 17.3 miles/27.9 Km

Max. Elevation: 14552 ft./4,435m

Elevation descent: 5089 ft./ 1551m 


Inca Legends for begginer and intermeidate riders: 

This 56 km ride carries you from a cloud-shrouded mountain pass along stunning cliffs, canyons, and curves, arriving in a deep valley decorated with fruit orchards and rivers - an earthly Eden.  Enjoy a local or picnic lunch and some of the most incredible views of remote canyons, all while riding the edge of towering, vertical cliffs. It's the full package: culture, adrenaline, and vistas and it's specifically designed for novice to intermediate bikers. You have to live it to believe it.

Distance: 34.8miles/56 Km

Max. Elevation: 13,832 ft./4,216m

Elevation descent: 4,957 ft./ 1,511m 



180$ per person for full day ride

270$ USD if you happen to be alone

All Full Day Mountain Bike Tours in Cusco, Peru Include:  Full suspension mountain bike, we have Kona Process 153 and Kona Process 134DL. Gear: Enduro/full face helmet, gloves, knee pads and elbow pads.  We also include lunch, snacks and water plus of course a private shuttle to take you to some 13,000-15,000 feet above sea level to drop in to the trail once or twice in the day. There is an English/Spanish speaking guide, 1 guide per 4 people.



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Mountain bike tours in cusco Peru

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Mountain Bike Tours in Cusco Peru

Huchuy Qosqo Inca Trail.

RADAR  Starting at over 14k .... Two trails combined to make the long downhill ride in the South Valley. First ridden and found by William Koch of Haku Expeditions and Ramon Murillo Castro. Here is part one. Find us on FB and Trip Advisor Haku Expeditions SAC and Gravity Peru RADAR Distance: 11.7 miles/18.8 Km Max.

South Valley!!!

When out on the trail and you get to hang out with the local kids.