7 Day Mountain Bike Vacation in Peru

Geoff Gulevich MTB Peru

 The best Mountain Biking in Peru!

7 day mountain bike vacation in Peru

Peru has some of the longest, rawest, and most incredible mountain bike trails in the world! You won't be disappointed with this 7 day mountain bike vacation in Peru! We will shred more than 25,000 ft of descent, take you into the homes of locals for lunch, push your limits on all types of terrain and make sure you never forget Peru! 

Over seven days, we will have four shuttle ride days, each with one or more descents. The three off-days will be time to prep, maintain bikes or visit sites like Machu Picchu. Each ride will be personally guided by an English speaking guide who knows the area, the history, and the culture of Peru. We will hit almost every high country, epic ride in the area, often riding directly on the historic Inca trails which were built over 500 years ago by the Quechua people. 



What you will get for your Mountain Bike Trip in Peru:

  • Airport pick up and drop off on whatever day you arrive or leave

  • 7 nights of lodging between Cusco and the Sacred Valley

  • Full shop access to maintain your bike while in Cusco

  • Professional bilingual mountain bike guide, 1 per 4 riders

  • 4 days with a shuttle vehicle

  • Snacks, lunch and water refills on ride days

  • Signature Haku Expeditions bike jersey

  • Group farewell dinner on the last night

  • The time of your life!


Is this style of mountain bike trip right for you?

This epic mountain bike trip in Peru is perfect for people who:

  1. Eat, sleep and dream about mountain biking

  2. Want a new experience, something raw and unreal

  3. Practice downhill, enduro or XC style riding

  4. Consider themselves intermediate to advanced

  5. Do not have time for a 10 day mountain bike vacation in Peru


Why Ride with us?

Haku Expeditions delivers the best mountain bike trips in Peru! Owned and operated by two American expats and passionate bikers these trips are dialed in and will exceed your expectations. Big vertical mountains combined with cultural lunches, Inca ruins, professional bilingual guides and the best trails Peru has to offer. We are not a marketing company! We are a family owned mountain bike business based in Cusco, Peru. Come ride with us!


Arrival to the Imperial City of Cusco:

Cusco Plaza de Armas Photo:  Tramp-N-Trekker

Cusco Plaza de Armas Photo: Tramp-N-Trekker

DAY 1: We will pick you up and take you to your lodging. You can come over to the shop and put together your bike and then head out to explore this Incan city. Enjoy a cup of coca tea on one of the many balconies overlooking the stunning Plaza de Armas.

You will be lodged in the historical center of Cusco. Your hotel will be next to our shop for any quick repairs and for all bike departures. You are only a 10 minutes walk from the Plaza de Armas. 


Inca Trails, Sacred Valley and Scree Fields:

DAY 2: Load up the bikes and get geared up, today we will shred the Sacred Valley of the Incas. The trails today will be filled with Inca trails, chunky Inca Stairs, natural hits and one helluva scree field.

We take a private shuttle to the Sacred Valley where you will see what the Andes is all about. We shuttle up to the valley of Lamay, with it's steep valley sides and small stone pueblos, this valley is sure to impress. 13 km of almost all downhill and some burly Inca stairs, your legs are quick to feel the burn. We will get dropped off at 13,744 ft./4,189m. before descending 4068 ft./ 1239m to the village of Lamay.

Foto: Margus Riga

Foto: Margus Riga

Load up again cause now we have the Lares scree field. You know the one in Geoff’s videos?

Check out Geoff Gulevich's Scree field Video!

That’s the one! We will drive up to the Lares pass where we will unload and hike our bikes up to 14,600 feet/4462m. From there it’s steep scree and then free ride lines until we hit an ancient Inca trail. We rip this trail, passing herds of alpacas of the high Andes all the way down to the town of Calca

On the way back to Cusco we will try to fit in and urban downhill with a nice little single track that leads to the city stairs of Cusco. The day ends at the shop where we can clean up the bikes and get them ready for tomorrow's shred session. 


The Secrets of the South Valley

DAY 3: This little known hot spot for mountain biking is a favorite for Haku owners Bill and Nic. While living in Andahuaylillas of the South Valley, they spent years exploring and discovering the local trails of the area. They were the first to lay tracks on the bottom half of the trail called Radar. For years they talked about how incredible it would be to bring people to ride this epic never ending trail. Now a well known trail and highly traveled they are proud to take you to this epic single track ride!

This trail will take you along a ridge over 14,000ft/4,468m high and leave you breathless, literally. Drop down into the South Valley on 11 miles/18km of high speed single track.

After Radar we will take you to a secret trail nearby that drops you off at the house of a local. If lucky maybe we can grab a quick lunch with one of our local farming friends of this organic valley.


Rest day today

DAY 4: .…bike maintenance….eat and sleep…eat some more….and eat again.  Riding at high elevation burns twice the amount of calories.. Stay on top of your game and eat Peruvian superfoods…maca…tarwi….quiona….chia….


Huchuy Qosqo Inca Trail

DAY 5: There is a reason this video hit over 2 million views..... Huchuy Qosqo is by far a favorite trail for local riders and tourist alike. 

Check out the video here!


Today is a pedal day......

We will climb from12,600/3,850m up to 14,100ft/4,316 m before descending on the most pristine Inca Trail in the valley. The may very well be the best day of you mountain bike vacation in Peru! The magic of this trail and the ruins at the end will have you dreaming about Peru for years.

Brett Tippie who has ridden in over 30 countries said this trail was one of his top 5 favorite trails in the world!

We end the ride down in the Sacred Valley. Tonight we will sleep in the Sacred Valley in Ollantaytambo; the closest town to Machu Picchu.


For those who hate climbing..... there is the option to hire a 4x4 car to take you almost to the top. The price is 150 USD can can hold 4 people and can only be done in dry weather.

**This trail can only be done with advanced groups and with permitting weather. If we can't ride this trail we will take you to another one of our epic single track trails!

One of the Highest Enduro Race Courses in the World-Patacancha

Geoff Gulevich on Patacancha Enduro MTB trail

DAY 6: If you thought you were breathless yesterday get ready for today. Today you will ride one of the highest Enduro race courses in the world, Patacancha. This 5 stage race course is filled with free ride lines and cross country type terrain but at an elevation of 14,500 feet. Towards the end we can re-load up and have the car take us to Pumamarca to finish the day. This 17 mile/28 km ride will take you all the way into the living Inca town of Ollantaytambo.


Inca Avalanche DH/Enduro Race Course

Inca Avalanche DH race course Peru

Day 6: Every year hundreds of riders come out for the famous Inca Avalanche Race. Similar to the Mega Avalanche in France this ride takes you close to the glacier of Veronica where you will descend almost 5,000 feet of screaming DH style terrain. Lucky for us it's just our group on the tracks today. If you're looking to ride with the 200 riders for the race, check out our Inca Avalanche Trail festival Package.


Tonight we will head back to Cusco for a farewell night out!


Day 7: Today we will take you to the airport for your departing flight.


Machu Picchu add on or Rest Day in the Valley for those with extra time!

DAY 7: Ollantaytambo is known as the living Inca Town. The entire town is made of giant Incan stones and enclosures. You are sure to enjoy this charming village.


You can spend your time recovering, relaxing in the hammocks at the Secret Garden House or stretch your muscles on a hike up to the ruins above town.

Geoff Gulevich riding the Ollanta Streets



For those of you with loads of energy you can pedal up to the ruins of Pumamarca and shred that crazy Edge of the world trail.

If you would like to visit Machu Picchu we can organize that for you. Today would be the best day for the visit to this ancient citadel. The cost is 350 USD pp and includes round trip train ticket, entrance into the sanctuary, and a guide. It does not include a bus ticket in Aguas Calientes. 24 dollars round trip or you can hike it.


2019 PRICES for Classic 7 Day:

$1595 for 3 people and up

$1695 for 2 people

You can jump on pre-planned trips or pick your own dates if you come with a friend or two!

2019 PRICES for Ride with a Pro 7 day trips: (Book before Dec 15th 2018 to lock in 2018 prices)


Not Included:

  • Mountain Bikes

  • Machu Picchu Tour, ask if you would like this as an add on

  • Dinners unless stated

  • Lunch on non-ride days

  • Private room. Please ask for single supplement price if you would like a private room.