"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page"  Augustine of Hippo


Bill and Nicole Koch (pictured left with their children Liam, Tim, and Jehanne) moved from Colorado, USA, to Peru in 2006, joining a Catholic humanitarian mission which provides education, housing, food, and healthcare to the poorest of the Cuzco area.  After seven years, the couple and their four children founded a small bed and breakfast in the heart of the city.  Avid trekkers and bikers, they soon expanded their services by offering unique adventure treks, rides, and cultural experiences to visitors from all over the world.

Peter Koch (on right with Bill and Liam) joined his brother Bill and sister-in-law Nicole for one year in 2008 before returning to the United States to pursue a PhD in Philosophy.  He is currently a professor of philosophy and medical ethics consultant in Buffalo, NY., and spends part of the year in Peru where he helps manage Haku Expeditions.

Our Mission:

After exploring the back-country trails, living with the locals, and falling in love with Peruvian culture and landscape, we wanted to bring our experience to others who share the same interests.  We specialize in adventure sports and the true Peruvian life, from guinea pigs for dinner to chicha in adobe huts to hiking the peaks of some of the tallest, most stunning mountains in the world.  Our mission is to share our experiences with you during your travels in Cuzco.  

The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see. -G.K. Chesterton


Our Treks:

Despite Cuzco's international reputation for trekking, much of the surrounding valleys and mountains remains largely undeveloped and unexplored.  We offer a variety of off-the-beaten-track journeys from an afternoon village eco-trek to a nine day Machu Picchu expedition, or visiting the ruins of Ollantaytambo to climbing the 22,000 ft peak of Ausangate Mountain.  Our treks have been constructed with all sorts of travelers in mind  whether you're a triathlete, gap-year backpacker, or a family circumnavigating the globe (we've had them all!). And if you see something you like but want to mix and match, we're happy to help without turning your travelling into tourism. 


Serving Cuzco:

We came to Peru to serve the poor and we continue to make this our mission as guests in their country.  All of our guides and employees are paid well above the average Peruvian standard wage, and we donate a portion of all proceeds to local education and healthcare.  You'll see firsthand the difference your visit makes to the people of Cuzco.  You'll meet Sonia, a young Cusquenan woman who knits and sells her boutique-style hats, scarves, and sweaters from hand-spun baby alpaca yarn, or Cinthia, who comes from a family of ten children in a single-bedroom adobe home.  Cinthia left a chicken farm to work for us, which allowed her to continue her studies in the university in Cuzco.  The stories go on and on, and we hope to be able to tell more and more with each season.