Crystal and Jeff:

What an amazing experience! Highly recommended for the travellers wanting a REAL PERU experience and adventure! Bill and Nicole's house is full of great energy and people. The kids are all so cute and smart and bring a lot of energy to the house. They are laid back people and the vibe there is great! From the minute we booked there was excellent communication, completely preparing us for cusco with accurate helpful information and when asking some questions about hikes and machu pichu as we wanted to do the hike and had nothing planned; Nicole ended up organising our whole salkantay trek to machu pichu with all inclusions tickets food accommodations tips EVeRYtHiNG!! with no hidden costs and at such a great price -we where shocked after seeing the high cost of other packages from tour companies.. that missed out on real and private experiences that we had -our guide was excellent (English speaking local from the jungle ) and we really made a friend with him and shared some wonderful experiences. We seen another group at parts Along the way of our hike and we where so pleased with our choice to book through bill and Nic and support the local people rather then the big companies; staying in locals cabins etc and getting a real Peruvian experience different from the big expensive tourist lodges and companies we also seen and heard about - and the food on the 5 day trek (3 course meals) was excellent! I have never eaten so well in my life- and my bodyand I have never felt so good! It was amazing! Our stay with bill and Nicole and the adventures had with them and arranged by them was the highlight of our South American experience.. We actually extended our stay with them we enjoyed there place soo much and there is so much to do in the beaten track stuff that they can organise-nothing like what you would get following the usual tourist trail. Our 3 Weeks spent with them was priceless and life changing. They are such amazing people; I call them super parents! And they really want you to have the best experience in Peru. If adventure is your drive then this is the place to stay. They are so helpful and have all the right information. If you want to experience Peru the real way; away from the whole touristy feel, meeting real people and local Peruvian family's , this is the place to be. They planned and booked our zip lining and atv ride through the salt mines etc which was such a fun day and quad bike/atv is definitely the way to journey through the the valleys moras-moray and ruins in that area. Bungy jumping was insane too! Downhill biking through breathtaking country and waterfalls to a beautiful little community where we had a local prepared Peruvian lunch.. You just can't put a price on the experiences we had thanks to bill and Nicole 

Sebastian Heaping:

I can highly reccomend staying at Bill and Nics! Go there if you like kids, if you look for a charming but simple place, if you are curious and adventurous. They are an open-hearted family and live in a great vivid house. Thay will answer all your questions (and I had many) and will help you out in any situation. If you like they will take you to hike or bike some spectacular trails in the andes and get you to know authentic Quechua People in there origin homes. Just an amazing experience. Don't go there if you look for privacy or tranquillity, if you are not interested in the peruvian way of life and your first meal would be at Mc Donalds.


Melissa Muldoon:

We had a great time at Bill and Nics. We were tired & a little sick from altitude and it was a good place to rest and recover. We enjoyed talking to Bill and Nicole as well as their workaway volunteers, who were staying there too. We thought the kids being around was a lot of fun. Also, we booked a great tour, A Day in the Life, through Bill and Nicole. I highly recommend this trip!

Alicia and Dave Wei:

Bill & Nic's home was the perfect place to stay in Cusco! I stayed a total of 4 nights (2 when I first arrived, then 2 after returning from Machu Picchu). If you're from a big family (or generally like having lots of people around, like me) then you'll fit right in with this lovely family. Their four free-range kids are adorable and I even befriended a couple of their other guests and ended up traveling to MP with them. I was traveling solo this time so I really appreciated all the advice from B&N, as well as the chance to meet other like minded travelers. It was like having the benefit of having good friends who moved to the area and could offer expert advice! B&N are super knowledgeable about all aspects of travel in the area, whether you're in to extreme sports, gorgeous meditative treks, or Quechua community home stays. They can also help plan your visit - and have done most of the treks before (with kids!) and so can speak from experience. When I arrived, I hadn't planned anything (other than staying with them) and they helped me plan the perfect week-long visit to the area. I came back in time to go with Nic to the local market on Saturday morning, and I highly recommend it for anyone who loves markets, flea markets, car boot sales, and a good old fashioned treasure hunt. I will certainly be recommending them to all of my friends and anyone else looking to stay in Cusco en route to Machu Picchu! ;)

Amanda Kieval:

Bill and Nic have a beautiful family and house. Upon arrival, I was greeted with coffee and breakfast, and was also given a tour of their house by one of their adorable kiddos. There are a few rooms, as well as a few showers and toilets. Whenever I needed one, there was one available to me. The house itself is located in the heart of the city; major landmarks are within walking distance and taxis are easy to nab. As hosts, Bill and Nic go out of their way to accommodate their guests. Bill pulled together a Day in the Life tour for us at the last minute and also acted as our tour guide... It was wonderful! Out hosts during that tour were amazing people, and of course were friends with Bill and Nic, as they have entrenched themselves in the community and surrounded themselves with great people. They also had great people at the house, which made it easy for a solo traveler like myself to enjoy Cusco to its fullest and take advantage of opportunities that I did not previously know existed! I would love to come back to Cusco and see more of Peru, and I would not hesitate to stay at their house or recommend it to my friends!

Ryan Peralta:

My wife and I stayed with Bill and Nic for 5 nights and overall the experience was great! I booked with them a couple of months in advance and even way back then Nic was very helpful. She helped me book my Machu Picchu trip including where to buy tickets, what train to take, where to stay, everything. They even send you an email a couple of weeks in advance that addresses weather, clothing, food, taxis, etc. They remained just as helpful when we arrived. They'll help you with taxis, restaurants, laundry, tours, pretty much anything you need. The house itself is huge, in a great location and has good wifi. We stayed in the private "green room". It was very clean with two beds. There are something like 4 bathrooms and 3 showers, all of which were very clean and well taken care of. They have THE BEST SHOWERS in South America, hands down! They also serve a great breakfast which includes: fresh fruit, cheese, eggs, fresh bread, homemade jams and honey, coffee, tea, and more. If you need to leave early for a trek or tour, they'll set out everything so you can eat before you leave. Finally, I recommend going on the "Day in the Life Tour". We went on it and got to see how the local "campesinos" live outside of Cusco. We got to see how roof tiles are made and visited local handmade jewelry stores. But the best part of the tour was visiting a local family. We got to cook potatoes in the dirt, have fresh "cuy" (guinea pig), and eat with the family. My wife even got a dance lesson from the lady that lives there. A beautiful location with beautiful people. We can't say enough good things about Bill and Nic. My wife got sick and Nic helped her out with local remedies that really worked! We got to hang out with their kids too who are wonderful. Thank you guys, hope to see you in Colombia someday.

Nick Oxford:

Wow!! What a great BnB experience. Bill and Nic's place is run as a true BnB - you're not just renting someone's extra room. This was my first time using AirBnB for just a room and not the whole house, and I have to say they set the bar pretty high. I'll try to keep it brief: breakfast is perfect (hard boiled eggs, fresh fruit, avocado, honey, bread, coffee, tea). The coffee is excellent, too. They have plenty of space, plenty of bathrooms and showers, and their house is walking distance to all Cusco activities. Bill and Nic have maps, food recommendations (they'll even go out with you if you go to Bodega), and they offer help with your tours. I recommend doing both tours they personally offer, which are off the touristy track and a more authentic experience. One is a "day in the life," which is an all day excursion out to the hills where you say the day to day operations of a roof tile maker (hand made, over 1000 a day), a town's bread oven, a farmer and his wife show you their property while you roast guinea pig and potatoes, and so on…. Your other option is to get your fitness in on a 4 hr mountain bike ride that is NOT for the out-of-shape, but also well worth it. 2 hour climb up fire road then descent on intermediate-level single track. Such a great few nights, thanks Bill and Nic!!!!

Patrick Dillon:

Right from the beginning Bill and Nicole were there to help me with all my questions and provide very helpful suggestions on what to do and how to do it and also on what not to do. Since they have lived in the area for years they know the language as well as the ins and outs of the area. From help with local tourism, restaurants, hiking and biking to help with your trip to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, they always made their knowledge of the area available to me. Their place was great. Right downtown, very close to the all the plazas and the stuff you want to see in Cusco. They have created a great environment where everyone staying at their place feels welcome and there is a communal feeling where all their guests talk about where they have been and where they are going and offer up their own experiences to help you out. One of the best offerings that Bill and Nicole offer is "a day in the life" day outing to experience life of the local rural Peruvian. It was great to get off the tourist trek and actually see how the local people live. This honestly was one of my favorite days in Peru! Bill and Nicole offer so much more than just a room to stay at. They really enriched my trip to Peru. 

Sara Rindsburg: 

I planned my trip way in advance and couldn't wait to meet Bill and Nic. Their advice on planning was invaluable. I speak some Spanish but despite that, buying the tickets to Machu Picchu on the website was impossible. No worries, when I arrived, my taxi driver was there with the tickets thanks to my hosts.