Salkantay by Bike

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SALKANTAY cabin to cabin BY BIKE

Find yourself at the foot of glacial lakes, hiking to a 15,000ft / 4500m pass, descending into cloud forest, visiting an organic coffee farm and finally at the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu!

SorayPampa and Humantay Glacial Lake

DAY 1: Meeting up at Haku Expeditions in the morning we pile into a private car, loaded with the bikes and gear. We head south out of Cusco and after about three hours we arrive in Mollepata where we stop to stretch, have a quick snack, and have a look around. We then continue on to Soray Pampa where we spend the night in cabins under the majestic and formidable Salkantay and Huamantay Peaks. You can hike up to the glacial lake Humantay in 2 hours.

Salkantay Pass to Lucmabamba Coffee Plantation

DAY 2: It’s an early morning wake up call as we like to try to get a jump on the hikers meaning less moving obstacles on the way down. We have our bikes loaded on mules, carefully, and have a steady three hour hike to the summit. It’s nice to get warmed up before we have more than 18 miles of downhill coming up. On arrival at the summit we put together our bike and start the 30 km downhill. What starts off as technical, rocky sections soon turns into flowing singletrack. Arriving in Santa Teresa we hit up the relaxing hot springs and soothe our muscles. From there we stay at a local organic coffee plantation in Lucmabamba

Aguas Calientes or Inca Avalanche DH Course

Day 3: Today we can hike to Aguas Calientes also known as Machu Picchu Pueblo and sleep for the night or we can drive up to Abra Malaga and ride the Inca Avalanche DH course. 

Machu Picchu

Day 4: Today we visit the famous ruins of Machu Picchu, a guide is included and for those who want to scamper up the mountain and see the sunrise the possibility is there. If you're not into it there are buses to take you up (not included). In the afternoon you have a return trip by train to Cusco.


The Salkantay Cabin to Cabin expeditions is customised to each group. Please contact us for more details or write to us at 


Difficulty: Expert/Advanced Riders only



Top section of the Salkantay Trail with Steve Story Pro Mountain Bker from Vancouver

Bill and Nic from Haku Expeditions and Gravity Peru take on Salkantay. After sleeping in some sick cabins in Soraypampa, they hikes 3 hours to the top with the bikes on horses, then starting at 15,000 ft they biked down to 8,000 feet, with Strava marking the riding time as 3:15 minutes of actual riding time.