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At Haku Expeditions, we do things differently.  We offer low-volume travel which reveals the different faces of Cuzco through treks, biking, and mountaineering.  Each expedition is designed for the curious adventurer, exposing a mysterious and charming ancient world in an awe-inspiring way.  Our site offers a broad overview of our travel opportunities, but we prefer to speak with you so that we can plan your trip.  We invite you to navigate our site.  If you like what you see, contact us and let us begin your adventure.


The Thrill of Culture:

Our mission at Haku Expeditions is to combine the excitement of adventure with the wealth of Peruvian culture.  Our expeditions begin in the heart of the historic city of Cusco and bring you through the unique rural outskirts of the Andes mountains, often including working, eating, and resting with Quechua families.  We pride ourselves on offering alternative and culturally rich expeditions for travelers of all types.  Travel with Haku, and tell a story like nobody else. 


TravelTips Blog:

Before you arrive in Cuzco, you can find a great deal of information on anything from the best local restaurants to money transfers to stories of travels.  We'd recommend you scout out our blog before arriving, as it's full of stories and suggestions that we wish we had known before our first trip here.  And even if you're not a Haku customer, don't worry, read away- we're happy to help!  


Expedition Packages:

Your expedition options range from 1-10 days, in mountain, jungle, or valley, and on bike, horseback, or foot.  Every adventure begins in Cuzco and is infused with an experience of Peruvian culture, whether it be a homestay with a local Peruvian family, eating traditional cuisine, or working the fields of a nearby pueblo.  You can view the different travel packages by clicking on any of the following links:
Peru treksPeru bike, or Peru cultural tours.



We are a boutique tour agency and we pride ourselves in giving you a story you can call your own.  Contact us with any questions on how we can help you experience the best of Cuzco.

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We hope your experience with Haku was not just satisfactory, but life changing.  See what other adventurers have to say about Haku and tell your unique story on our guest blog. 

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