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It's no exaggeration: Cuzco and the outlying areas are home to some of the most magnificent, breathtaking sites on the planet.  Whether you seek a unique twist on a traditional trek or a private back-country journey, get the most out of your time spent on foot.  We offer full and multi-day culture treks through Andean pueblos, private alternative treks to Machu Picchu, and an perspective-changing immersion trek over a local mountain higher than any in the continental USA.



Choquequirao-Machu Picchu Epic Trek: 7 Day, 6 Night, $950/person*

The most demanding yet rewarding trek of the Cuzco area, this 7 day/6 night epic journey is the crème-de-la-crème of Inca Trails.  The trail offers an admittedly taxing hike—steep descents followed by equally severe inclines—but with an outrageous payout: sublime views and visits to the Incan cities of Choquequirao and Machu Picchu.  After seven days of magnificent yet demanding trekking, you’ll have explored the haunting ruins of Choquequirao (3000 m), visited the Wonder of the World Machu Picchu, crossed three stunning Andean Valleys and four passes reaching 4300 m, relaxed in natural thermal baths, and garnered up enough stories for a lifetime.  Choquequeriao’s relative inaccessibility makes it a welcome alternative to the swollen tourism of Machu Picchu—there were no (read: ZERO) other trekkers during our visit on July 2.  A cable-car is planned for 2017, which will open the gates to an estimated 200,000 visitors per year.  Now is the time to visit an undisturbed Choquequirao!  Find the full itinerary here, or contact us with any questions.


Salkantay:  5 Day, 4 Night

all-inclusive: From $1100.00/person with a group of 5


Travel one of the most magnificent treks on Earth , featured in National Geographic Adventure Magazine as one of the Top 25 Hikes in the World.  Your tale will be of glaciers, snow-peaks, and jungle on the way to the ancient sanctuary of Machu Picchu.  We've thought of the details so that you can put your energy into your legs and the stunning vistas around you.  See the full itinerary for the all-inclusive tour.  Contact us for more information or to reserve your trek.

The all-inclusive package includes:

1) All meals, from your first breakfast to the last lunch

2) English-speaking guide

3) Full water supply and snacks

4) Sleep accommodations in cabins (beds not tents)

5) Machu Picchu entrance (includes Machu Picchu Mountain/Huaynapicchu if available)

6) All transport (includes Vistadome train from Machu Picchu)

7) Entrance admission and transport to hot springs in Santa Teresa

8) All tips are included

pp price based on a group size of:

5: 1,100

4: 1,175

3: 1,220

2: 1,300

ausangate mountain circuit: 4 day, 3 night, $650

Journey around one of the the regions most well-known glacier mountains, visible from the city of Cuzco. The trek is a circuit around the perimeter of Mount Ausangate. For four days and three nights you will experience the other-worldly terrain of turquoise pools, gargantuan boulders, and the distant crashes of avalanches.

Contact us for more information.

Culture Immersion trek: 3 day, 2 night, $270

This is a culture-centered tour.  If you are uncomfortable with open-flame ovens and roosters at your feet while you eat, you may want to choose another trekking option.  On the other hand, if you want an authentic immersion experience, this is the trek for you.  

 The itinerary is as follows:

Day One: After lunch in the city center of Cuzco, you'll be transported to a gorgeous valley about an hour and twenty minutes away, where you'll meet your guide over dinner in a small casa de campo (cottage).  This is the home of a Cusqueñan family, giving you a glimpse into the daily life of Peruvians today.

Day Two: You'll take a tour of the valley which includes fields used to grow quinoa, maize, and other agriculture common to the region.  A short hike will ready your legs for the following day, complemented by a picnic in the fields.  Dinner will be served in the casa de campo, where you'll rest for tomorrow's hike.

Day Three:  You'll rise with the sun to trek a beautiful Andean pass that descends into a farm-sustained valley virtually untouched by the centuries: the villagers cook in open flame ovens under adobe roofs, children shout in quechua, farm animals sound warnings, quinoa fields glisten under the eternally bright Andean sky.  It's a step back in time, and a shock of true Peruvian culture.  The hike ends in a small adobe home, where you'll be served cuy al horno (roasted guineau pig) and authentic rural cuisine- much needed after the day.  Transport will return you to Cuzco- and modern life.

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