An incredible Ecuador Mountain Bike Trip

10-days of riding Andean volcanoes and lush jungle descents: Ecuador’s’ Incredible Mountain Bike Trip!

Ecuador mtb tour

Come shred Ecuador’s finest singletrack on this incredible 10-Day MTB adventure!

On this incredible Ecuador Mountain Bike Trip you will feel like you are in the land of giants, riding your mountain bike down volcanic lahars at 4270 m/14,000 vertical feet, bounding into lush tropical descents that never seem end, gaze at the CotoPaxi Volcano and stroll through the historic streets of Quito. All while experiencing the culture of the Incan peoples. 

Our 10-day Ecuador Mountain Bike Trip focuses on large descents up to 4270 m/7500ft with minimal climbing, through a huge range of singletrack trail diversity. On this trip, you’ll encounter rock gardens, steep sections, flow, freeriding, drops, jumps, and almost any kind of mountain bike obstacle you can imagine. Our Ecuador Mountain Bike Trip also has a strong cultural integration component that provides clients with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture and history of Ecuador. 

If you drool over big enduro rides through exotic and new terrain, you’re ready to mountain bike Ecuador!

Tour Dates

Dates for our 10-Day Ecuador Mountain Bike Trip

What you can expect

Ecuador Mountain Bike Trip Highlights

Some highlights to look forward to on your 10-day Ecuador Mountain Bike Trip:

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Full Ecuador Mountain Bike Trip Details

  • FAQS

To start your Ecuador mountain bike trip you will be picked up by our Haku team at the Quito airport, and we’ll take you to your charming accommodations in NoNo where we’ll help you build your bike and get everything ready to rip in the morning. Welcome to the historical city of Quito, which lies in Northern Andes in the vast Valley of Los Chillos. Today is a great opportunity to explore the local neighborhoods, plazas, and markets of the city while you acclimate to the elevation of the Andes Mountains. Quito sits just over 9,000ft high and is a busy international hotspot nestled in a large valley, full of incredible culture, food, people, and architecture.

At night we’ll have a team dinner so that we can give you an orientation and get to know you. We’ll go over the itinerary, logistics, and any questions or concerns.

* Trails on Itinerary may be ridden once or twice per day depending on group speed and delays.

Today is the official first day of your Ecuador mountain bike Trip! In Quito’s heart lies some of the best urban singletrack mountain biking a city can offer. The Parque Metropolitano offers a plethora of singletrack trails for all levels of biking, so it’s a great place to get used to the altitude, the new dirt, and the trails styles of Ecuador. The Parque is the center of the MTB community in Quito, and it’s chock-full of jump lines through eucalyptus forests, flowy single-track, fun climbs and lots of amazing views of the Andean capital. After a sick day on the trails, we’ll head back to our spectacular accommodations in NoNo.

  • Distance: 14.4 km/9 mi 
  • Max Elevation:  3200 m/10,500 ft
  • Ascent 250 m/800 ft 
  • Descent 1800 m/5,000 ft 


  • Lodging: Hacienda at NoNo
  • Food included: B, L, Snacks

We leave from NoNo at 8:00am and make our way across the equator (yes, that one!) into the northern hemisphere to go ride the infamous Infiernillo trail. This singletrack trail is an MTB dream come true: it descends 5,000ft and snakes its way down through the stunning Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve, which holds one of the largest varieties of plants and trees in the entire world. We’ll start at a 13,000ft in a volcano-formed crater before dropping through windy steep forest with some awesome flowy and technical sections; after that, we’ll ride into the moab rock and sand section that is full of natural features and mini-shoots called the Campo de Luna.

The last 2,000ft of the trail consist of these green tunnel-looking trails with vegetation drooping from above — these are canals that have been dug down from literally thousands of years of foot traffic! After that, we’ll stop at a local restaurant for a classic Ecuadorian lunch.

  • Distance: 14.4 km/ 9 miles 
  • Max Elevation:  4100 m/13,500 ft
  • Ascent 125 m/350 ft 
  • Descent 1060 m/3,500 ft 


  • Lodging: Hacienda at NoNo
  • Food included: B, L, Snacks

This morning the guest will have until 11:00 to enjoy the Hacienda and explore, sleep, do yoga, and say goodbye to their new friends in NoNo. At 11, we head into the city center of Quito where you will have the day to explore the historical city center of Quito, guests will also have the option to have a planned tour scheduled. Your guide will then pick you up around 4 o’clock to drive two hours to Santa Rita Reserve nestled in the subtropical forests of the Cotopaxi National Forest.

  • Lodging: Casa La Campina
  • Food included: B, snacks

Every region of the world has its own holy-grail mountain bike trail, and the CotoPaxi downhill might be said to be Ecuador’s. It boasts iconic views and a massive descent that’ll take the breath away from even the most experienced riders.

Starting at almost 15,000 feet of elevation, you’ll freeride down 2,000 feet of volcanic ash into a moonlike landscape filled with enough natural features to satisfy the most creative of riders. Then you’ll begin a pedal traverse of 400 feet over a panoramic landscape that lies in between the Rumiñahui, the Pasachoa, and the Sigchololla volcanoes. This traverse cuts through volcanic rock slabs that were once a lava river during the second eruption period of the CotoPaxi volcano. These channels lead you to native sub-tropical forests where you will descend on loamy singletrack into a sea of lush vegetation all the way to the Santa Rita Reserve.

  • Distance: 28 km/17 miles 
  • Max Elevation:  4600 m/15,500 ft
  • Ascent 220 m/700 ft 
  • Descent 1800 m/5,000 ft 
  • Lodging: Hacienda CotoPaxi
  • Food included: B, L, Snacks

The ‘Panorama’ in Spanish is used to describe large expansive mountainous areas that are above tree line that offer exceptional panoramic views and is quintessential to the Andean experience. The Pasachoa is one of the 5 main volcanoes that lie in the Cotopaxi National Park boasting some of the most beautiful 360 views of the entire Quito valley. We will start the ride at over 4,000 meters and snake our way down the Panorama down a skinny yet technical trail that is full of smaller climbs and longer descents.

Heading back towards the Santa Rita Reserve we will connect with El Torro Brave trail, famous for its brown powder conditions, and then we will end the ride right at our lunch spot, just a 10 minute drive to our accommodations. 

  • Distance: 13 km/8 miles 
  • Max Elevation:  4400 m/14,500 ft
  • Ascent 360 m/1200 ft 
  • Descent 1800 m/5,000 ft 


  • Lodging: Hacienda Cotopaxi
  • Food included: B, L, Snacks 

This day marks the middle of your Ecuador mountain bike trip, feel free to relax before we head out to go to the final destination of our mountain bike trip, the magical providence of Bolivar. We’ll have a grill-out when we get there to enjoy some of the finest views that Ecuador has to offer and talk about the vast singletrack trails that we’re going to mountain bike over the next couple of days.

  • Lodging: Bella Vista Ranch
  • Food Included: B, Snacks

Hopefully you slept well, because today’s going to be epic! The shuttle drive will be picking you up today at 9 am. from your hotel to then head up 9,900 ft to the start of the legendary Mami Rumi trail.

This much-coveted MTB trail drops 7,000ft down through the cloud forests of Ecuador and into the humid sub-tropic jungles. This singletrack trail is a centuries-old foot road — it was part of the trail system that farmers used to transport their harvest from the coasts up the mountains. It has amazing natural features that flow through some techy rock gardens, but before you know it, you’re in the humid and lush jungles of Balzapampa, where you’ll experience a riding geography like nothing you have experienced before.                  

  • Distance: 13 km/8 miles 
  • Max Elevation:  3200 m/10,500 ft
  • Ascent 50 m/150 ft 
  • Descent 2200 m/7,200 ft 
  • Lodging: Hacienda at NoNo
  • Food included: B, L, Snacks

Today we will ride the singletrack trail that originally got our Haku Team hooked on mountain biking Ecuador. The Yunga MTB trail is an ancient transportation trail that connected the mountain towns in the Andes with the banana and citrus plantations that lie in the tropical regions below. This trail starts off with some of the most incredible single-track flow combined with world class views of the cloud forests that this area is so famously known for.  We will then begin to creep into the humidity and mist of the cloud forests and ride through (yes, ride inside the cloud) for 200 meters that will transport us into a different world filled with leaves twice the size of person, banana trees, and jungle like canopies.

The second half of this trail is a slower and more technical creep through the Banana plantations that dominate the region where we ride. All in all this trail is a mountain bikers dream come true and it holds a very special place in our hearts. We will end the day with possibly the most impressive and jaw dropping sunset ride that any one has seen from the saddle of a mountain bike. 

  • Distance: 14.4 km/9 miles 
  • Max Elevation:  3200 m/10,500 ft
  • Ascent 250 m/800 ft 
  • Descent 1850 m/6,069 ft 


  • Lodging: Pedegral Ranch
  • Food included: B, L, Snacks

The Devino trail is one of the hidden secrets of the Bolivar region and home to over 6,200 feet of remarkable ridge descent through the cloud forests. Rene Arevalo, a local trail hunter, discovered the trail while wandering through the jungle with some friends looking for long ridge line descents into the little sleepy town of Balzapampa. Clients will get a glimpse into the rural life of the people that live on the large banana plantations, sugar plantations and cow ranches. 

It will be a combination of all of the trails that you have been riding in the area for the past couple of days and is full of green tunnel trails, tropical loam, rock gardens and epic flow. Raw, wild and scenic would be the best way to describe this trail.    

  • Distance: 14.4 km/9 miles 
  • Max Elevation:  3200 m/10,500 ft
  • Ascent 250 m/800 ft 
  • Descent 1800 m/5,900 ft 


  • Lodging: Pedregral Ranch
  • Food included: B, L, Snacks

This is the last day of your Ecuador mountain bike trip, and it willl be up to you how you want to spend the last day of your trip. Whether you want to ride a trail again or want the guides to take you somewhere new. 

  • Distance: Up to the guests!
  • Accomodation: (N/A) 
  • Food included: B, L , Farewell Dinner.

What’s included in your Ecuador mountain bike trip price:


  • 8 Days of epic singletrack mountain biking
  • Shuttle vehicles and drivers for 8 ride days
  • Airport shuttle and transportation in between cities
  • Professional, bilingual guides on every ride day
  • 10 nights of lodging between Quito, Baños, and Bolivar
  • 24-hour attention and support 
  • Breakfast and lunch on ride days
  • Full tool set to maintain bikes while on the trip
  • Signature “Haku” bike jersey.

Not Included:

  • Flights
  • Dinners (other than the farewell dinner) and lunch on non-ride days 
  • Trip insurance 
  • Bike gear and safety gear 
  • Guide tips (10%-20% of trip price pp)
  • Bike rental
  • Anything not listed in the “included” list


Bikers who are traveling alone will be placed in their own room and be charged an extra $350, unless there is another biker who is also traveling alone and both parties are okay with sharing a room. 

Haku Expeditions requires each of its guests to purchase travel insurance in order to protect themselves from any unexpected cancelations, accidents on the trail, or any other acts of God. Guests must choose a mountain biking specific plan as well. For the best coverage we offer WorldNomad, but we accept other insurance policies too.

Due to high elevation, the weather in Ecuador is very fickle and hard to predict. Most trips will see rain, sun, heat, and wind; therefore, we suggest that people bring clothes for cold and warm weather. Most ride days will start at colder, windy mountain tops and end in warmer, more humid areas. Riders should always carry a rain jacket and a warm layer.

Ecuador’s currency is the American dollar but is still very economical — a beer costs about $1. It is mainly a cash-based society so it is recommended that you bring cash in smaller bills such as 20s and 10’s since change can be hard to come by. ATMs are abundant in most towns and are secure to use, but they usually also have surcharges depending on the bank. Most credit cards can be used in large cities and large stores.

For our Ecuador mountain bike trips we recommend guests purchase a tri-city flight from home airport → Quito and Guayaquil → home airport, or just round trip trips from your home airport to Quito. Our team will take care of all transportation to and from the airport. 

We recommend that our guests use trusted airlines (Delta, AirCanada, ect) and do not use an economy airliner due to the fact that you will be traveling with very important and expensive gear. American Airlines, Delta, and United charge $100 usd to check a bike, and many other trusted airlines have similar prices as well.

Ecuador separates itself from other mountain biking destinations by offering riders with an endless amount of trail diversity within a very small geographical area. In fact, it’s the only place in the world where you can pass through 14 ecosystems in one ride!  The trails are raw, long, scenic, flowy, and technical. Clients will mountain bike on active volcanoes and through sub-tropical jungles which were once the agricultural centers of the pre-Incan civilizations. Some trails even go through places where the local people graze their llamas in the same way their ancestors did over 2,000 years ago. The trails will transport you back in time as you and your friends ride through the history and meet the local people.

You will encounter obstacles that can be found on most black and double black trails, such as steeper sections, rock gardens, natural jumps, drops, and roots. Most of the trails are intermediate to advanced with sections that are easily walkable if the rider does not feel comfortable.


Clients need to assure that they are in good physical condition, and should be biking or doing some sort of physical activity to train for their 10-Day Ecuador mountain bike trip. 

Clients will also need to acclimate themselves to the altitude; working out and training before your trip and if you live at sea-level it is recommended that you come a day or two before your trip starts. 

You will also need to assure that your bike is tuned and 100% ready for 10 days of epic mountain biking; new brake pads, bled brakes, new tires. 


Ecuador’s currency is the American dollar but is still very economical — a beer costs about $1. It is mainly a cash-based society so it is recommended that you bring cash in smaller bills such as 20s and 10’s since change can be hard to come by. ATMs are abundant in most towns and are secure to use, but they usually also have surcharges depending on the bank. Most credit cards can be used in large cities and large stores.

Our Ecuador mtb tours generally have anywhere from 4 to 8 riders. Our Ecuador trip will never have more than 10 people max. We have a guide for every 5 riders.

This is a single track enduro style mountain bike vacation, expect big downhills and climbing every day. In short it’s EPIC!

As in any foriegn city you should be extra cautious at night and in general. Crossing the streets has a golden rule of not running or not stopping, walk at a normal speed and cross.

An average day consists of 4-5 hours on the trail, 6,000-10,000 ft (2,000-3,000m) of vertical descent over 10 miles (7k). Some days are shorter than others depending on how tired the group and other days are full 6-8 hour days of riding. 

Ecuador has plenty of vegetarian options.

We recommend that people get tri-city flights, arriving to Quito and leaving from Guayaquil. Home Airport to Quito and Guayaquil to Home Airport.

Using trusted airlines is recommended to ensure safety of your bike and trip. Before buying your flight look into luggage restrictions and the cost to bring your bike.

You will be given a visa at customs when you enter the country.

Your luggage will remain at your accommodations while we ride, and then will be put into the van when moving from one overnight destination to another. Bike bags will be stored in Quito and then brought to guests at the end of the trip. 


Guests will stay in 4 different accommodations, Ranches, Haciendas and Hotels, all which have wifi, hot water, food options, and 24 hr support. All accommodations are safe, secure and clean. Guests will share a room with one-two other guests unless they pay an extra $350 usd.* 

How to pack your bike for travel

Packing your bike for a trip like this requires either a bike bag or a bicycle box. Both work. If you do not have a bicycle box you can contact your local bike shop and generally get one for free or very cheap. 

Steps to pack your bag:

Drop the seat post before you take off the wheels. It’s easier that way.

Take the pedals off, it is easier now while the bike is still whole. 

You will need to take off the handle bars. Put the screws back into the stem so you do not lose them. Strap the handlebars to the side of the bike with padding. Make sure nothing moves so you bike does not get scratched. Zip ties can help with this. 

Take out some of the air in the tires. This is a requirement for flying with the bike. Take off both wheels. We recommend you put the axle back into the bike so you do not lose it. 

Take off the discs from the wheels. While this may seem tedious it saves your disk from getting bent and only takes a few minutes. Put the disks inside something like a folder to keep them safe. Put the screws inside a baggie and tape to the folder. Keep them with the bike. (If you lose your suitcase with clothes at least you still have your full bike together!)

Take off the derailer and derailer hangar. While this is optional it keeps both pieces from getting bent. Remember exactly how this goes back on. 

If you have a bike bag like Evoc or Dakine there will be directions of what goes where. Make sure to tie up the chain so it does not move and scratch the bike. Tie up any loose ends with zip ties or string. 

If you are using a bike box you will need to put in a tire or two first then the frame (and maybe the second tire) with the bars strapped to the bike. Make sure nothing moves. I usually use zip ties to make sure the tires are strapped in one place with the frame. Also make sure that the cog set is facing away from the bike. This will scratch the bike otherwise. 

Once everything is packed you can often put a few extra items inside like your helmet, bike shoes and empty CamelBak. You will want to keep the bag at 23 kilos/50 pounds unless the company you are flying with allows for more weight without a price increase. (Calling to make sure is the best way to know)

Also, don’t forget to put your name, address, phone number and email on the bag or box. 

Each person is required to have a specific travel/trip insurance outside of your credit card or regular medical insurance.

You will want to get comprehensive coverage with trip interruption/cancelation with personal liability.

Mention all activities that you will be involved in such as mountain biking and whatever other activities you may have planned. Some companies include mountain biking without a problem and some do not. 

We recommend that you call the provider and talk with them about the quote rather than use the online system. That way you know what it covers. 

These insurances will cover many things. If you get sick or hurt it covers the medical expenses and it also covers the lost portion of the MTB trip! It also covers any additional expenses such as hotels, transport etc. Many of these insurance plans also cover late flights, canceled trips, canceled flights, delays, etc. 

If guests would like to stay in more luxurious hotel than what is usually provided we can easily place the party in hotels that fit the guest’s preferences.  extra $550

If a guest is coming alone or in an uneven group number and is not comfortable sharing hotel rooms with other guests, they can pay an extra $375 for a private hotel room.

What better way to end a 10-day mountain bike trip than with a relaxing massage? $85 for a 90-minute message.

Have a professional mountain bike photographer capture the insane amounts of fun you’re having! $150 and includes 25 photos.

Custom trips can be crafted for any guests that have 2+ people in their group and can be created specifically to the riding style, interests, time restraints and needs of the guests. *All custom trips costs 280$ a day per person

Guests need 2+ people to charter a trip.

Fitness & skill level

Is This Ecuador Mountain Bike Trip For You?

Our 10-day Ecuador Mountain Bike Adventure has a focus on enduro and downhill mountain biking. We mainly conduct shuttle rides that have large downhills up to 3970 m/7,500 ft  of vertical descent and up to 500 m/1,500 ft of uphill.

Mountain bike trails in Ecuador are raw, long, scenic, flowy, and technical. You will ride on active volcanoes and into sub-tropical jungles which were once agricultural centers of the pre-Incan civilizations. You will descend on footpaths that are still used by local peoples, grazing their llamas the same way their ancestors did over 2,000 years ago.

Our 10-Day Ecuador MTB trip is perfect for you if:

  • You are confident on the bike in most situations and can handle technical trails
  • You like long raw descents
  • You are looking for a vacation with cultural integration and active sport

The ride in images

Ecuador Photo Gallery

Giving back

1% For Charity

Haku Expeditions donates 1% of all profits to support local education programs.

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