The Fun Begins:

“Hi Nicole and Bill, My name is Kim and I am from Flordia. My family and I are on an around the world trip and Cusco is our last stop! We would like to do something really special and adventurous with our family before heading home. We are an adventurous family of 5 and all very fit. We were really hoping to get some Spanish lessons for our kids too. Do you have a teacher or Spanish school recommendation? We have been staying in airbnb’s along the way and saw you have one in Cusco. We would love to stay with your family if thats possible” We have about a month to work with, let me know your thoughts.”

Nicole: “Hi Kimberlee, How exciting! We have a big family too! We have taken our kids on a trek that we think you would love. Here is a tentative plan for you and your family, let us know what you think, Here goes:”

Aug. 8th 
We will send you a driver to pick you up at the airport and take you to our house,
you should take it easy today and rest up.

Aug. 9th 
Since you don’t know Cusco a half day city tour will bring you up to date, it’s private, in English and will help you to know Cusco for your future endeavours. We are also including private Spanish lessons in our house with a teacher who we have used with other traveling families, these would be M-F while you are here. We can work out a schedule so your kids get two hours a day, our kids speak both English and Spanish, however they most likely will all speak English together since that’s what will happen naturally. However we have three native Spanish speakers who either live or work here and they can talk with them.

Aug 10th 
Free day in Cusco, there is plenty to do in Cusco, you can visit the ruins above the city, there are markets, museums, cooking schools, chocolate classes, you decide.

 Aug 11th 
One of our best tours is horseback riding, it’s off the tourist track and you climb high into the mountains overlooking Cusco, it’s really fun and the equipment and horses are really good quality.
Like I said we will arrange your Spanish lessons around these tours.

 Aug 12th 
Free day Cusco- There are many things to do such as museums, Chocolate making classes and ruins on top of ruins!

Aug 13th 
Free day Cusco- If you would like another tour here just let us know. 

Aug 14th 
Four wheeling Zip lining tour, on this tour you visit the ruins of Moray, the salt mines of the Incas, and Maras, the entrances aren’t included but you should buy a 10 day tourist pass for 130 soles on the 9th and with this you can get into all the ruins except Machu Picchu. The salt mines are 10 soles each. After this tour which includes the transport you will be driven to our country house in Ollantaytambo, this place is really beautiful and is very tranquil. There’s great day hikes and some really traditional villages up the valley, we can help you to arrange some trips up there.
There are no Spanish lessons while here although you will be immersed in the town.
Sleep in Ollanta, we will give you three rooms here.

Aug 14- 16 
Stay in Ollanta 3 nights enjoying the Sacred Valley and the possible activities around there. The house in Ollanta has a 3000 sq foot garden it would be a perfect time for your kids to study the Spanish they have already learned and use it in town with the local kids, or in the stores. You can also enjoy gardening or reading, relaxing and hiking.
There are also free ruins that you can see from the house and easily hike to.
There are culture tours in Ollanta we could set up as well if that interests you.

Aug 17th 
Today we can have a car pick you up and take you to the Pisac ruins where you can see the famous market and hike the ruins. Your 10 day pass will expire soon so today is a great day to use it. There is no guide included here, since it is less expensive to just pick one up at the door. You will come back to Cusco this day. There is also an animal refuge on the way home if you desire to stop and see the condors and other Andean animals. Sleep in Cusco

Aug 18th- 21st 
Study Spanish in Cusco

Aug 22-23 
Get ready for your trek to Salkantay and Machu Picchu

 Aug 24-28 
Your trek to Salkantay. We have made your trek private, all inclusive and at the end of your trip so that you can acclimatize, learn Spanish and be ready physically by hiking and learning about the Incas before arriving in Machu Picchu. The trek will be all inclusive from start to finish. It includes an English speaking guide, all transport, all lodging, including three cabin/lodge stays and one hotel, all food from the first breakfast to the last lunch on the 28th. A very nice lunch and dinner after you arrive in Aguas Calientes to celebrate the long hours of hiking and all your accomplishments! Snacks, all water, the Machu Picchu entrance tickets, the bus ride down, (you hike up), the train ride home, the Vistadome train if available and transport form the train station plus a baby alpaca hat or scarf to keep you warm on the first cold night. Not included…You will need to provide your own hiking poles if you so desire them, your own day packs to carry your snacks and water and clothes. A head lamp. Your own alcoholic beverages at any time. Beverages during the lunch and dinner in Aguas calientes. Both lunch and dinner include: appetizer, main meal and desert.

Aug 28th 
Arrive from Salkantay and Machu Picchu and sleep in Cusco.

Aug 29-31st in Cusco
The entire price came to 10,295 USD for all 5 of you with lodging at our airbnb with 3 rooms and lodging in Ollanta with 3 rooms, all inclusive; 5 day 4 night Salkantay trek with Machu Picchu, Round trip Train tickets, ATV Zip Line tour, Horseback tour, City Tour, Pisac tour, Private Spanish lessons 3 hours per day for 3 children for 10 days, Airport PU and Drop off.  Let me know if you would like me to change anything. Hope that helps with your planning!

Cheers! Nicole