What we need from you:

Now that you have placed a deposit and are psyched to come to Peru, take a look at this page and know what to bring and how to be prepared!

You will need to bring your balance in Cash. Our shop and office, (and home) is located at Avenida Centenario 707, “en frente de colegio Humberto Luna.” On google maps omit the word Avenida. 

We will need your passport. If you are not going to Machu Picchu you can bring a copy to avoid the 18% IGV instead of emailing it. 

If you are going to Machu Picchu: Please send a legible copy or picture of your passport to us by email. We need to see all details clearly. No flash, please look at the picture and see if you can read the numbers and dates. We need your passport so that you do not need to pay the 18%IGV tax.More importantly, We can not purchase Machu Picchu tickets without your passport if you have requested this option. Machu Picchu and Huayana Picchu tickets sell out. Please send this information promptly.  

Please cut and copy this and send by email with the passport:

  • Full name as appears on Passport:
  • Birthdate: Date/Month written out/Year
  • Age: (On date of Machu Picchu or arrival in Peru)
  • Passport number: (of Passport to be used while in Peru):
  • Passport Country:
  • Sex:
  • Email:
  • Dietary Restrictions/Allergies:
  • Health Conditions:
  • Emergency Contact info:
  • Trip/Travel Insurance policy:
  • Flight Info: Please send, date and time of arrival and departure also your flight number and carrier
  • If you are renting a bike: Height and weight:
  • If you would like Machu Picchu tickets Please advise us as soon as possible.

Trip insurance and helpful blogs

You will want a Trip/Travel Insurance that covers you for the activity of mountain biking in Peru. You will reach 15,000ft/4570m on some of the rides. If you have another adventure activity planned make sure it is covered.

Check out our cancellation policy here:

Here is a very important blog about all matters…money, weather, clothing, food safety…

If you have whatsapp or a smart phone we suggest you download WhatsApp. This will allow us a very quick messaging system. We do not check emails more than twice a day. For emergencies or quick contact on arrival WhatsApp will be the way to go. 

  • Put us in your normal PHONE contacts. Not the whatsapp contacts.
  • Use a plus before any international number
  • +51984501311 Nicole +51984501692 William
  • Look for us on whatsapp and send a message

Packing list and what to know

What to Pack:

  • Bring a well maintained bike for Enduro, All Mountain Style Trails
  • You will need extra bike parts, please don’t expect to buy much here…
  • Bring METAL brake pads. We descend some nearly 50,000ft/15,240m over the 7 ride days
  • A spare tire is pretty essential. We have had many people slice tires on our loose rocky trails
  • We recommend tires like Maxxis Highrollers or Minions for our style trails.
  • Tubeless is you best bet. Bring extra sealant and an extra valve.
  • It is up to you if you would like to bring an extra derailer and shifter.
  • A derailer hanger, a multi-tool, tubes, pack or camel pack to carry snacks and water.
  • Extra Screws for the bike and for clipless shoes if you use them.
  • If possible run the Cush Core inserts for your rims.
  • Any kind of liquids you may need, Reverb oil, brake oil, tubeless sealant, chain lube in small bottles. Pack in sealed baggies so they don’t explode in transit.
  • It is pretty common for at least 1 or 2 bikes on the trip to get an air bubble, bring whatever bleed kits you may need or ask if we have it in the shop here.
  • Gear: Full face and enduro helmet, elbow and knee pads, gloves, riding shoes, rain shell, camel pack for the longer rides such as Huchuy Qosqo, riding clothes. During rainy season 2 sets of everything is nice for a dry start to the day.
  • Sunblock, tinted sunglasses or goggles.

Getting your bike here and buying flights:

  • Before buying your flight look into luggage restrictions and the cost to bring your bike.
  • You will want a flight that allows 2 checked bags for free. This way you only pay an oversized charge and not oversized AND extra baggage.
  • We recommend buying a flight all the way to Cusco. You will have a layover in Lima. Save the receipt from your payment for the bike so that you are not charged again in Cusco. Insist that you do not have to pay.
  • If you have booked a 10 day trip: we ride on day 1 and day 10. You will need to arrive a few days early to acclimatize and leave after day 10 of the trip.
  • If you booked a 7 day trip you can arrive on day 1.

Weather, Clothing and Gear:

  • We have serious mountain weather, we start high up where it is almost always cold, windy and possibly rainy or snowy, bring layers.
  • There are no clothes driers here, you will need to hang dry everything. There are places to wash laundry while here. Bring gear for warm and cold and enough for at least 2-3 rides in a row. Two sets of pads and gloves if you have them.
  • Some of the rides are long and you don’t see a car for hours. Have a hydration pack or a way to carry at least 2 liters of water, snacks and layers. Some of the trails are DH gnarly some are long and fluid. We have lots of exposure. We recommend pads for both knee and elbow and a full face or a convertible helmet with removable jaw.


  • Thecost of the trip is for lodging in a shared room. If you would like a private room please ask about the cost and availability
  • While in Cusco you will be in a hotel in the City Center of Cusco within walking distance of everything. The hotel will also be on the same street as our shop so you can use our mechanic shop when needed.
  • While in the Sacred Valley we stay in an airbnb with lots of garden space for our bikes. There are no bike shops in the Sacred Valley. It is a 2 hour drive from Cusco. Please be prepared.