On the day of your trip:

 On the day of the bike trip please bring:

·      A photocopy of your passport that we can keep (or make copy at office)

·      Your balance in cash

Please arrive at 707 Centenario at 8:00 a.m… NOT earlier please.  

·      Tell any taxi AVENIDA CENTENARIO 707 “En frente del colegio Humberto Luna”

·      On Google Maps you should omit the AVENIDA. Only put in Centenario 707

You will need to have

·      a water bottle as we will give you refills

·      a small pack to carry your snacks, rain jacket, etc…

·      flat bottom shoes to ride in, we do have 510’s for rent in some sizes

·      eye protection and sunscreen

·      an extra set of clothes as you may get wet

·      rain jacket


You will also need to have trip insurance that will cover your activities while here in Peru.

Talk directly with your trip insurance above coverage for Mountain biking in Peru. We recommend having comprehensive coverage that includes trip interruption, personal liability and covers mountain biking or adventure sports.

Please read this blog as it has very important information about traveling to Peru.



We need some information from you before you show up. Please cut and copy this form and send it to us on the same email we already have brewing. 

Full name as appears on Passport: 

Birthdate: Date/Month/Year


Passport Country: 



Dietary Restrictions/Allergies:

Health Conditions:

Hotel: (For start date of tour)

Emergency Contact info:

Trip/Travel Insurance policy:


Helmet Size: (For biking)

Glove Size: (For biking)

Front Brake:…  WHICH SIDE?…. 

Right side for: UK/Aus/NZ

Left Side for:  Rest of the World

Background experience in Mountain Biking: