What we need from you:

Now that you have booked the Cabin to Cabin Salkantay Trek we need some info from you.

Please send a legible copy or picture of your passport to us by email. We need to see all details clearly. No flash, please look at the picture and see if you can read the numbers and dates. We need your passport so that you do not need to pay the 18%IGV tax.More importantly,We can not purchase Machu Picchu tickets without your passport. Machu Picchu and Huayana Picchu tickets sell out. Please send this information promptly.  

Please cut and copy this and send by email with the passport:

• Full name as appears on Passport: 

• Birthdate: Date/Month written out/Year

• Age: (On date of Machu Picchu or arrival in Peru)

• Passport number: (of Passport to be used while in Peru):

• Passport Country: 

• Sex: 

• Email:

• Dietary Restrictions/Allergies:

• Health Conditions:

• Hotel: (For start date of tour)

• Emergency Contact info:

• Trip/Travel Insurance policy: 

• Flight Info: date/time of arrival, flight number and carrier if you have requested pick up

What you need to know:

You will have a briefing with your guide explaining the trek one or two nights before the trip. Please send arrival info so we can set this up. 

You will want a Trip/Travel Insurance that covers you for the activity of trekking in Peru. You will reach 15,000ft on the trek. If you have another adventure activity planned make sure it is covered.


Check out our cancellation policy here:


Here is a very important blog about all matters…money, weather, clothing, food safety…


If you have whatsapp or a smart phone we suggest you download WhatsApp. This will allow us a very quick messaging system. We do not check emails more than twice a day. For emergencies or quick contact on arrival WhatsApp will be the way to go. 

• Put us in your normal PHONE contacts. Not the whatsapp contacts. 

• Use a plus before any international number

• +51984501311 Nicole    +51984501692 William

• Look for us on whatsapp and send a message

Packing List and what to expect:

What to bring:

• Headlamp

• Water bottle or two for refilling or camelback bladder in your day pack/ hiking pack

• Rain gear*

• Waterproof boots and sandals/flip flops or sneakers for camp

• Hiking poles, highly recommended as there is plenty of downhill

• Warm weather gear for first night, down jacket, hat, gloves, scarf

• Hiking clothes: quick dry layers, long underwear, hiking socks etc

• Swimming clothes for optional hot springs

• Quick dry towel, there are towels for rent at the hot springs 

• Sunscreen and Sun Hat or Baseball cap

• Bug spray, Natural or Chemical

• Any medicines you may need, epi pens, inhalers etc. **

• Camera or Phone

• Charging devices for phones and camera

• Original Passport for entrance to Machu Picchu

• Day Pack for carrying, water, rain gear, camera, snacks, medicines

• Larger Pack or Duffles, for additional clothing and snacks that will go on the horse

What to expect:

• There is no electricity for most of this hike. 

• Although the camps do have showers do not expect hot water please

• Any changes to the itinerary after the hike begins can incur charges

• We strongly suggest travel insurance with trip interruption, your 60% deposit is non-refundable and will be returned to you by your insurance should you get sick or need to go home in an emergency. 

• You will be in the middle of nowhere, if there is an accident you will need to ride a horse out or walk, there is no heli evacuation. There is no cell service for most of the hike. 

• We cannot be responsible for acts of nature such as, but not limited to, earthquakes, landslides, flooding etc, nor can we be responsible for strikes by the people closing down roads and transport. We will do our best in these situations to get you to the necessary destination, however you may need to depart earlier than expected or take a transport that is longer than stated in the itinerary or make changes to the itinerary

• When horses are on the trip you cannot get anything off the horse until camp, bring all you need for the day in a pack on your back

• The Colocolmayo hotsprings are nice and relaxing. They are about 1 hour away from your lodging on night 3. If you should decide to go on this night, talk with your guide about how to get there and how much it will cost. You will need to pay for transport and entrance or ask for it to be included in the price.

• Horses are included with 4-5 trekkers for carrying gear. If you have less than 4 trekkers you can pay the fee to include them. It is $100 pp and will include horses on day 2 for carrying gear and one for emergencies up to the 15,000ft pass. It will also include having your belongings sent ahead to each site so that you only carry a day pack. 

Not included: 
~Trekking poles
~Bus ticket up to Machu Picchu should you decide not to hike up
~Dinner on the last night after you leave Machu Picchu Pueblo
~Transport back from Ollanta if you stay in Ollanta instead of Cusco
~Hotsprings should you decide to go on night number 3