The Salkantay Cabin to Cabin 5 Day Classic Trek

An adventure seeker’s alternative to the Inca Trail. On which you will leave the crowds behind as you climb to glacial lakes and over Salkantay Pass before descending down into the cloud forest.

Explore the Incan Ruins of Llaqtapata, tour a coffee plantation and so much more, ending of course with the most famous Incan Citadel. Sleep each night in a bed on this Salkantay cabin to cabin trek. Experience the best Peru has to offer on this condensed five day trek.


• Visit the Glacial Lake Humantay
• Trek to Salkantay Pass at 15,000 ft 
• Harvest, Roast and Grind your own Coffee
• Optional trip to the best Hot Springs
• Sleep in a dry, comfortable cabin each night and get to know the locals
• Eat Peruvian food with local families 
• Knowledgeable English Speaking Guide
• Visit the ancient Incan Citadel, Machu Picchu

Price Includes:

• Lodging in Cabins/hotel each night
• All meals from first breakfast to lunch on day 5  
• Snacks and Bottled Water
• English speaking guide
• All transport
• Train tickets on the nicer Vistadome train* 
• Machu Picchu entrance ticket
• Machu Picchu Mountain or Huayna Picchu* 
• Bus ticket down from Machu Picchu
• Tips for, cooks, horsemen and guide
• A baby alpaca hat to keep you warm the first night
• Emergency horse + horse to carry your belongings is included with 4 passengers and up- $100 fee applies to groups with less than 4 people
• Transport of your things ahead to next camp site where horses are not available for groups of 4-fee applies to groups with less than 4 people


• Trekking poles
• Bus ticket up to Machu Picchu should you decide not to hike up
• Dinner on the last night after you leave Machu Picchu Pueblo
• Transport back from Ollanta if you stay in Ollanta instead of Cusco
• Hotsprings should you decide to go on night number 3**

** The Colocolmayo hotsprings are amazing and nice after your trek. If you should decide to go on this night talk with your guide about how to get there and how much it will cost. You will need to pay for transport and entrance or ask for it to be included in the price.

For an open group of 5-6 trekkers the price is:

$1400-$1500 USD/person

Horses for groups smaller than 4:

$100 USD pp

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The Itinerary

Glacial Lake Humantay

DAY 1: Leave your accomodation early in a private car. After three hours of driving you will arrive in Mollepata where we will disembark for a hot breakfast. Next, we’ll continue on our way along an incredibly windy and scenic mountain road towards Soray Pampa. This leg of the trip will either be in the bed of a truck or another private car depending upon whats available. 
Soray Pampa is located in a mountain valley with towering giants all around. If the day is clear you can glimpse Mount Salkantay in the distance.  

It is here that we will spend the night in a newly built wood cabin. After check in, tea and a short rest we will grab our daypacks, test our abilities and our lungs on a short but steep hike up to Glacial Lake Humantay almost 1,000 ft above. You will be greeted by crystalline turquoise waters and towering mountain adorned with glaciers making it worth the grueling effort.
Arriving back to camp tired is satisfying. Dinner is hot and hearty, but get to bed early to rest up as tomorrow is a long day.

Trail Stats: 

4 hour out and back hike to glacial lake Humantay, 
3.1  miles from 12,785 up to 13,779ft

Salkantay Pass and the Cloud Forest 

DAY 2: We will wake up extra early at the foot of Salkantay Mountain to a hot breakfast. Eat your fill and then some as you will need the energy as today is the toughest day. Pack your bags and set out through the quaint trekker village, leaving your extra gear for the horses to carry (upon request.*) The trek starts with a gradual climb but then quickly increases to a truly steep mountain grade. Taking breaks when we need to, making sure to drink plenty of water along the way and continuing our ascent up to the pass, we will reach an elevation of 15,207 ft the highest on the trip. If the weather is good we will rest here admire the glacier capped peaks and appreciate the greuling effort it took to get us here. 

The views are intense and it’s truely a privilege to be so close to such beauty. 
After hearing a few avalanches and taking some killer photos we being the descent down the backside of the pass.  The trail down is long and steady, and the views remain stunning. We will have lunch and stop for a long rest at one of many shelters lower down in the valley.
From there we continue yet further down the mountain to witness a dramatic change in scenery: from barren alpine tundra to the upper reaches of the lush cloud forest.
After approximately nine hours of hiking in total we will arrive at Chaullay, where showers, hot tea, and your beds await you. (We will begin offering a new cabin site halfway though day 2 as of June 2018.)

Trail Stats: 

Longest day of the trip, from Soray Pampa at 12,785ft to Salkantay Pass at 15,207ft and then down to 9,558ft for a total distance of 13.6 miles

*Gear transport on horses: Charges do apply for groups of three people or less, included four and up.

Organic Coffee Farm in the Cloud Forest

DAY 3: Today after another early start and breakfast we begin by hiking along the Salkantay
River following her to La Playa. The hike is through high cloud forest and the
views, the warmth, the birds, and plants are varied and brilliant. The hike today takes between four and five hours. Lunch and a small dose of civilization is waiting for you at the end.

After a long and satisfying rest you’ll head into the organic coffee plantation where you will learn about coffee growing and pick a bag of beans. Then you’ll proccess them and lay them out to dry, taking turns and doing everything by hand. 
You now have the option to take a private car to the Hot Springs. Although your guide can arrange everything for you, you are responsible for the costs of transportation (S/. 100-150) and the entrance fee (S/. 10 pp).

Trail Stats: 

7 mile hikeup and down along  from 9,558ft down to 8,122ft

Llactapata Inca Trail

DAY 4: Wake up and your fresh picked coffee awaits! After breakfast we will continue on our way towards Machu Picchu. Yet another steep but short trail leads you up pristine Inca trail to the ruins of Llactapata. Take your time to explore. Sit and look across the valley and you will see Huayna Picchu and  Machu Picchu Mountain like no one else. 
The ruins of Llactapata are rough and only partially uncovered, allowing you to see how quickly the jungle can take hold of man’s creations. Enjoy your time here in this pleasant tranquility as tomorrow you will join some 2000 people just across the valley at Machu Picchu!

After the ruins hike 20 more minutes down to a hiking shelter where a pair of locals will cook a delicious lunch for you, a true trail luxury. Then we’ll continue down to the river and arrive with plenty of time to catch your train to Aguas Calientes.
Once there your guide will take you to your hotel and give you a briefing for Machu Picchu tomorrow. Tonight you will dine in style in one of the best restaurants in Aguas Calientes. Dinner is at 6:30. A full on 3 course meal with appetizer, main meal and dessert plus a drink is included.

Trail Stats: 

Hike up to Llactapata and down to Hydroelectric. Start around 7,800ft feet up to 8,438ft and down agian to 5,917 for a round trip distance of about of seven miles.

Machu Picchu 

Waking up early means seeing the sun ignite Machu Picchu into its brilliance. We have a fully guided tour of the city and for those who have requested it Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain is on the list. Most people usually spend upwards of five hours here. Explore the ruins, have a snack, take lots of photos, take a nap on the terraces, or do whatever your heart desires.

Make it back down in time for your return train to either Cuzco or Ollantaytambo. When available we will send you on the 4:22 pm panoramic train home. If you arrive in Cusco transport will be waiting for you to take you to your hotel. If you arrive in Ollanta its any easily walk to your hotel, the town is tiny!

NOTE: -There is no electricity for most of this hike. 
-Some camps may have showers, do not expect hot water please
-Any changes to the itinerary after the hike begins can incur charges
-We strongly suggest travel insurance with trip interruption, your 60% deposit is non-refundable and will be returned to you by your insurance should you get sick or need to go home in an emergency. 
-You will be in the middle of nowhere, if there is an accident you will need to ride a horse out or walk, there is no heli evacuation. There is no cell service for most of the hike. 
-We cannot be responsible for acts of nature such as, but not limited to, earthquakes, landslides, flooding etc, nor can we be responsible for strikes by the people closing down roads and transport. We will do our best in these situations to get you to the necessary destination, however you may need to depart earlier than expected or take a transport that is longer than stated in the itinerary or make changes to the itinerary
-When horses are on the trip you cannot get anything off the horse until camp, bring all you need for the day in a pack on your back

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