Colombia Vacation Packages

Explore Colombia, the land of jungles, beaches and Andean mountains!

Colombia adventure tours

Colombia Vacation of a Lifetime!

A Coombia vacation is an unforgettable adventure  in a place that offers world-class trekking, sublime natural beauty, and a rich and vibrant cultural history. Colombia’s territory includes Amazon rainforest, highlands, grasslands, deserts, islands, and coastlines along both the Atlantic and the Pacific!

The hiking trails showcase the diversity of Colombia’s landscapes — from high, cloud-covered mountain passes to beautiful pine forests in the backyard of Salento. With Haku Expeditions, you will be exposed to a unique Colombia adventure travel experience.  You’ll also get to enjoy organic Colombian coffee, salsa dancing, delicious local food, and much more. 

All of our Colombia vacation packages are custom made, private adventures! Please contact us to begin planning the adventure vacation of your dreams!

Colombia adventure travel

A Country of Unrivaled Beauty and Diversity

At Haku Expeditions, we pride ourselves on curating off-the-beaten-path adventures that show you the local side of Colombia, far from the whistles and crowds of tourist-heavy spots. When you book your  custom Colombia vacation with us, you can be sure that your trip is in the hands of people that are passionate about giving visitors a truly unique and authentic Colombian adventure experience.