Why Choose Haku expeditions?

The Haku Difference

Haku Family

We take the highest pride in embracing every individual that comes through our doors with open arms and with the intention of creating long-lasting friendships based on trust and sharing incredible experiences together.

Adventures By & For Adventurers

Our team is built of individuals who are not only expert adventurers themselves, but people who are medically trained, know how to guide all levels of clients from first timers to experts, and are dedicated to giving people an experience of a lifetime.

Our Team

The Haku team is a community that has been fostered and nursed over a long period of time through developing relationships with local communities, land owners, trail builders, guides and all of the individuals that help us to provide amazing vacations.


Our main dedication lies in providing top quality adventures for our clients and supporting the local communities that we work with on all of our adventure vacations.

Lifetime Deposits on Mountain Bike Holidays

Cancel with two months anticipation and your bike deposits are held for use on another trip in that country.

Customer Loyalty Program

We want to reward the customers that continue to be a part of our Haku Family, that’s why we are offering customers 1 free MTB vacation after they have purchased 5 MTB vacations with us.

Who is Haku Expeditions

When two Buffalo, New York natives went mountain biking one day as a first date in the early 2000’s, they didn’t realize that within the decade they’d marry, move to Peru to help the poor, and stay there to eventually start their own mountain biking expedition company. But that’s exactly what happened: after Bill and Nicole Koch got married, they lived in Durango, Colorado for two years before moving to Cusco in 2007.

Bill and Nic originally moved to Peru to assist in the education of Cusco’s impoverished — they worked in two schools for the poorest kids of Cusco for seven years. In Peru, they found a country teeming with ancient culture and breathtaking natural beauty, so when guests of the AirBnB they founded in the city center started asking them to casually set up tours and expeditions, they realized how much they wanted to share the unique beauty of the area with others. 

During their time helping the poor, Bill and Nic had become intimately familiar with the Cusco area and its inhabitants, so the trips that they organised always had an emphasis on authentic, off-the-beaten-path experiences. When guests, friends, and family for whom they’d organised trips started telling them how unique and fulfilling their trip was, they decided to make an official adventure company, so that they could share their passion for the Peruvian culture, landscape, and people with even more travellers. 

The word “haku” is Quechua for “come on” or “let’s go.” This exploratory spirit combined with a deep familiarity with and reverence for the surrounding community is what defines Haku. Our international team of professional, bilingual guides have all been selected for their “Haku” spirit, and are looking forward to showing you unique, breathtaking corners of the world. 

Bill and Nic opened Haku officially in November of 2014. Since then, they’ve shared their knowledge of and excitement for Peru with hundreds of satisfied clients. People often refer to Haku as “a bridge between two cultures.” Now, Haku is expanding their mountain bike operations  outside of Peru, to Ecuador, Colombia, and Nepal. 

After spending fifteen excellent and adventure filled years in Peru Bill, Nic, and the crew decided to move to Ecuador in 2021. They felt that they had come to know Peru so well and had built a solid and reliable crew of drivers, guides,mechanics, and helpers that you could rely on. They  were in a perfect position to move and set up a new business in Ecuador. They have so many clients and loyal followers that they felt the need to really discover Ecuador as well as they had Peru and offer the same high quality mountain bike trips you expect from Haku. 


Giving back

1% For Charity

Haku Expeditions donates 1% of all profits to support local education programs.

Why Choose Haku for your Trip of a Lifetime?

Not for nothing have Haku clients often described Haku as a “bridge between two cultures.” Bill, Nic, and the guides understand that an off-the-beaten-path experience that’s deeply integrated into the local surroundings is infinitely more memorable than one that stays merely within the confines of an upscale tourist lodge with the “nicest,” Westernized food (although you certainly won’t be disappointed by your lodgings). This is why Haku clients walk away stoked and feeling like Haku “isn’t just another adventure company” —  Haku’s attention to detail and deep understanding of what really makes for a trip of a lifetime sets them apart from any other outfitter in the region. With no other company can you experience both the best mountain biking or trekking that the area has to offer and then end the day by eating home-cooked cuy in a local’s house while guinea pigs scurry across the floor. 

Furthermore, Haku Expeditions is committed to making sure you’re on the perfect trip for you. Where other companies might not screen your ability level to confirm whether or not you’re on the optimal trek or ride, Haku will ask you some questions before your trip so that they can be sure you’re on the right one and tailor it to your level of ability and fitness. 

Lastly, Bill and Nicole’s original passion for the people and economic health of Peru also remains in Haku’s mentality. Haku Expeditions places a significant emphasis on being a responsible social presence that contributes to the economic sustainability of local businesses and families. This means hiring out locals as much as possible for things like shuttles and meals — often, Haku forgoes increased income for the company to make sure that the community benefits and that the client has a better, more authentic experience. 

Bill and Nic’s favorite part about running Haku is becoming friends with people from all over the world. Once people ride or trek with Haku, they become Haku Family. In fact, if you ride with us five times on 7 or 10 day trips, your sixth trip is free! Come let us take you on you the trip of a lifetime to see what all the buzz is about. 

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“Bill and Nicole from Haku Expeditions are super cool, have the Peruvian scene dialed and are very avid and skilled MTB people. They get the goods shredding big mountains regularly and share the goods with any guests that sign up for long trails, big vertical and a perfectly balanced mix of tech and flow on mountain bikes!”
Brett Tippie
Hall of Fame Mountain Biker

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