Mountain Bike Peru

A Country of Stunning Beauty, Living History,
and World-Class Mountain Biking

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Our Peru Mountain Bike Tours

Haku’s Home Base:

It’s no coincidence that Cusco, Peru is Haku Expeditions’ home base. While it’s been off the radar for some time, it’s quickly becoming known for some of the best mountain biking in the world. Here in the Peruvian Andes exist ancient single tracks that cross the mountains and  descend down into the Sacred Valley. Trails here are abundant, diversified, and a mountain bikers dream!


Haku’s Peru Mountain Bike Trips:

On your Haku Expeditions mountain bike tour, we hope to help you fall in love with Peru the way we did through epic single track trails, breathtaking Incan ruins, and authentic cultural experiences. Choose your Peru MTB tour below!

Inca Legends
Cusco Day Ride: Inca Legends
Prices from $205
Days: 1
Fitness level: 2/6
Biking level: Beginner


Peru Weekend Warrior
Weekend Warrior 5 day MTB Vacation
Prices from $1250
Days: 5
Fitness level: 3.5/6
Biking level: Intermediate Tech


Mountain Bike Peru

Peru is a Country of Unrivaled Beauty and History

Peru is home to the largest pre-Colombian civilization in the world, the Incan Empire. You’ll see evidence of this history everywhere on our Peru MTB holidays living as you mountain bike through epic, beautiful ruins, sometimes even on the ancient, narrow footpaths of Incan travelers. Our Peru mountain bike trips combine Peru’s world-class mountain biking with bucket-list historical and cultural experience, such as tours to the Incan citadel Machu Picchu and home-cooked, authentic meals in Peruvian homes!