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Ride Lush Jungles and the World's Tallest Volcanoes while experiencing the vast culture of the Andes.

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Our Ecuador MTB Tours

Mountain Bike Ecuador and experience one of mountain biking’s best hidden gems, complete with towering volcanoes and vast descents, the ideal setting for your mountain bike vacation! During the day, guests will plummet down green jungles, roll over active volcanoes, and admire glaciers on trails that were once royal Incan roads, extending hundreds of miles through the Andes. With us, mountain biking won’t be the only way you’ll experience Ecuador – you’ll also get to immerse yourself in the local culture from a historical and firsthand point of view!

Ecuador 12 day Tour
Incredible Ecuador MTB Trip
Prices from $2595
Days: 12
Fitness level: 4/6
Biking level: Intermediate Tech


Ecuador 8day Tour
Ecuador MTB - Land of Giants
Prices from $1895
Days: 8
Fitness level: 4/6
Biking level: Intermediate Tech


Why Ecuador?

A Country of Unrivalled Beauty and Diversity

Ecuador is a small country with massive culture, and it is home to mountain biking’s largest descents, average trail descent of 2,000 m/6500 ft, and we take special care to show our clients the best mix of culture and mountain biking that Ecuador has to offer. When you join Haku on a mountain bike vacation, you can be assured that your trip is in the hands of people that are passionate about giving its clients a unique and authentic Ecuador experience, one which includes both epic mountain biking and one-of-a-kind cultural encounters. Its time to stop dreaming and start shredding! Ecuador awaits!