Haku Loyalty Program

With the Haku Loyalty Program

Your 6th MTB Vacation is Free!

Haku Expeditions has created a customer appreciation program called the Haku Loyalty Program. This customer loyalty project is for all of our Haku Family members. After your first trip it’s almost a guarantee that you will become like family. We begin to travel the world together and ride bikes in our top mountain bike destinations. To show our loyalty to you for having placed your trust in us, we are giving you your 6th MTB vacation for free! See details below or contact us now for more information.

When you book any of our multi-day MTB vacations that consist of 7 days* or more you will join the Haku Loyalty Program. 

*We have also included our 5-day Spirit of the Andes: Supported Bike Packing Expedition in this program.

At the moment we are offering the 6th trip for free in Peru or Ecuador. 

If the majority of your 5 trips, (3 out of 5) are 7-day trips you may receive a 7-day trip for free.

If the majority of your 5 trips are 10-day trips you may receive a 10-day trip for free.

If you would like a 10-day trip and have only bought 7-day trips, you may pay a small supplement to join a 10-day trip. $300 USD

The Haku Family Program allows for you to choose any MTB vacation in Peru or Ecuador that has set dates and has at least two people booked on that trip. 

Pro-MTB Trips (Trips that have a pro-mountain biker as a guest) do not count towards the 6th trip. 

We provide the entire MTB vacation at no cost to you. Check out our itineraries to see what is included in each trip. 

We do not provide air-fare, mountain bikes, additional days or add-ons such as single supplements, Machu Picchu, Galapagos etc.

We are always looking to bring new riders into our Haku Family!

Therefore, we do allow you to gift or transfer your MTB holiday to a friend or family member.

You may book two consecutive trips back to back in order to save the airfare. 

You will want to find the bookable dates for the 6th trip first, then put your 5th trip either before or after that trip. 

Some suggestions for back to back mtb trips would be:

Do two trips in Peru where we offer many styles of MTB vacations. Book your 7-10 day free trip and back it with a supported bikepacking trip or a XC trip that crosses the Andes or takes you into the Amazon!

Do two trip in South America back to back. Flights between these countries is very affordable. We currently offer trips in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

If you bring two more more friends you may choose a set of dates outside of our pre-planned trips. This trip will then get promoted for others to join. 

If you would like a private trip you must fill the slots with at least 4 other paying riders.

No, your free MTB vacation  does not expire. 

Must purchase 5 multi-day (7-10 day) mtb tours prior to receiving 6th trip.

Any trip that is discounted 15% or more does not count towards one of the first 5 trips. 

For back to back trips where 6th trip is before the 5th trip, the 5th trip must be paid for in full.