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Ausangate Trek of The Andes

World-class hiking trails, local homestays, camping and authentic cultural experiences, all come together on this stunning 5-day Ausangate Trek through the Peruvian Andes!

Ausangate Trek of The Andes

World-class hiking trails, local homestays, camping and authentic cultural experiences, all come together on this stunning 5-day Ausangate Trek through the Peruvian Andes!

Ausangate Trek in the Wild Backcountry of Peru

Haku Expeditions’ Ausangate Trek of the Andes is an off-the-beaten path trip full of glacial lakes, authentic encounters and unforgettable, high-elevation mountain vistas. This Ausangate trek combines local homestays, camping, hot springs and a Pachamanca dinner  – the full Andean experience! After a private tour of the historical and cultural treasures of the South Valley, you’ll get up close and personal with the dramatic, rugged beauty of the Vilcanota Mountain Range, with knowledgeable, bilingual Haku guides leading the way.

Ausangate Trek Description:

This Ausangate trek in Peru is a supported backpacking trip, which means much of the major camp gear (such as tents, sleeping bags, food, etc.) will be carried by horses, while local horsemen go ahead on the hiking trail to set up camp. That means that our campsites will be ready on arrival and you’ll only carry a minimal amount of personal gear and snacks, so you can enjoy the Ausangate trek to the fullest.

Why choose Haku’s Ausangate trek?

In Incan mythology, Ausangate is home to Apu, the spirit of the sacred mountain. In Haku fashion we have searched out the best, yet least used trekking routes in this area in order to give you an authentic, off-the-beaten-path hiking adventure in Peru.  Our Ausangate trek of the Andes gives you 5 days on a hiking route through majestic Peru, where you can see for yourself why the Incas chose this area as a place of worship and peace. Expect to hike, camp, and soak in thermal hot springs far from other people, in one of the most beautiful trekking destinations on planet Earth.

Ausangate Trek Highlights

Some highlights to look forward to on your Peru 5-Day Ausangate Trek:
Gape in awe at the baroque magnificence of the Temple of San Pedro de Andahuaylillas in the South Valley.
Share the lives of locals in unforgettable homestay experiences.
Marvel at the beauty of pristine, emerald glacial lakes as you trek the mighty Ausangate area.
Arrive at already-set-up campsites and enjoy authentic Peruvian food in the open Andean air.
Soak your tired muscles in natural thermal hot springs.

Day by Day

General Information


Family Adventure Holiday
Trip of a Lifetime!!!

"My wife and I, along with our two children (ages 6 & 8) traveled to Peru for 15 days over Christmas and thanks to Bill and Nicole it was an adventure we will never forget. From the epic mountain biking to the breathtaking views on our three day trek, Haku saw to it that every aspect of our vacation met our needs perfectly. Their knowledge of the local culture and surroundings paired with their outstanding customer service left us wishing we could have stayed even longer. What was originally dubbed our once in a lifetime trip will definitely have a sequel or two or three!!! Thank you for the wonderful memories Bill and Nic!"

Brent Bowman
Florida, USA
Peru Adventure Vacation Review
Joe and Carly

If your looking to Travel away from the beaten path of life, Haku Expeditions is able to arrange your wildest fantasy. We signed up for a 3 day/2 night expedition in search of the Andean Condor. The trek was masterly arranged by Haku Expeditions !!! Prior to departing Cusco, we were educated by this wonderful outfit on what to expect along the way. We ventured off into the Andes Mountains with a pair of binoculars and not a worry in the world. I can not describe the scenery nor the emotions which flooded our senses throughout every minute of this expedition. It was truly Amazing and my soul yearns to get back asap and do it all over again. I can not praise Nicole and William Koch (Owners of Haku Expeditions) enough, they are true experts in their field and super knowledgeable about this entire area. This boutique outfit has something very special to offer for any inquiry or requests you might have. They have changed the way we look at life going forward:) So Much Love, Joseph and Carly Stevenson

Joe and Carly
New York, USA

Is This 5-Day Ausangate Trek For You?

cusco to machu picchu

This 5-day Ausangate trek of the Andes is demanding due to the high altitude, but not extremely technical. The hiking days range between 4-6 hours of trekking daily and allow for beautiful photographs of the many glacial lakes you will see.

If you are looking for a shorter version of this trip check out our 3-day Ausangate Adventure Vacation. On the other hand if you are looking for a harder or longer trek, check out our 7-day Choquequirao trek to Machu Picchu.

Our 5-day Ausangate Trek in Peru is ideal for you if:

  • You are looking for scenic glacial lakes, snowcaps and high alpine terrain
  • You would like to see alpacas or quite possibly a herd of vicuñas in the wild
  • You are looking for a challenge without extremely long hiking days
  • You are in search for a guided backpacking trip for families
  • You like to avoid overcrowded hiking trails, and enjoy having the wild backcountry to yourself
  • You enjoy local homestays and camping adventures
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Giving back

1% For Charity

Haku Expeditions donates 1% of all profits to support local education programs.

Ausangate Andes Trek

Only private tours available.

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Ausangate Andes Trek
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Ausangate Andes Trek
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How do you help?

1 – The Haku Christmas Drive, which includes yearly clothing giveaways, shoe drives, and a public hot chocolate panettone lunch.

2 – School supply giveaway for children of the High Andes.

3 – Bringing bread and fruit to kids living at elevations where none is available.

4 – Facilitating connections between local organic farmers and local restaurants.

5 – Affordable MTB classes for locals taught by professional coaches

6 – Sustained commitment to hiring out locals to work as drivers, office workers, etc., allowing a great amount of flexibility for family commitments, and paying them fair, livable wages.

7 – Donating 1% of all profits to help educate children in a technical field such as carpentry.

8 – Helping young adults begin a small business working in their technical field or purchasing products from them to help them get started after high school.


General Fitness Ratings

1 – Getting your heart rate up isn’t really your thing, and you rarely (if ever) exercise. Your idea of a perfect vacation is total relaxation: sitting on a beach, sipping a mojito, and just generally vegging out. 

2 – You don’t necessarily work out regularly but you aren’t averse to the idea of doing something active. Although you don’t exercise that often, you don’t necessarily consider yourself out of shape.

3 – You exercise one to two times a week but do not have a normal schedule that keeps you biking or doing other activities weekly. You don’t go to the gym or train for any specific sports but you lead a relatively active lifestyle by biking, hiking, skiing, or whatever it may be. For biking: climbs and long descents give you some trouble and you tend to get tired after about 2-3 hours on the bike.

4 – You exercise 3-4 times a week and enjoy physical activities such as biking, hiking, skiing. You are active. For biking: you enjoy climbs that are are moderately long and being on a bike for 3-5 hours in one day doesn’t get you too tired or fatigued. 

5You exercise at least 4 times a week and are an avid athlete that is consistently in good shape. You’re more or less game for any kind of adventure. For biking: you’re comfortable with being on your bike for 5-7 hours a day. 

6 – You live and die for exercise, sweat, and suffering. You only want to climb higher, go farther, and prove how much of an animal you are. Steep climbs, long descents and big days are something you are looking to do more of and you can’t wait for your next adventure. 


Biking Skill Levels

You’ve been riding a mountain bike for a couple of years or less and you’re most comfortable on smooth single-track and wider, forgiving doubletrack. You like rides with scenic views; you like both ascending and descending on well-maintained, safe trails. You’re looking for an active but relaxing mountain bike vacation; you’re not into jumps, drops, super steep trails, rock gardens, roots or taking big risks on your bike.

You’ve got two plus years of experience mountain biking on single-track trails under your belt; you’ve gotten pretty confident behind the handlebars and are beginning to expand your mountain bike abilities. You like riding most types of terrain, and you’re comfortable both climbing and descending on single-track trails with smaller technical features such as rocky sections, small drops, and small steep sections. You aren’t trying to walk on most of the trail and are looking to take small risks with things like speed, jumps, rock gardens, and stair sets to improve your skills as a mountain biker.

Intermediate Tech:
You’ve got three plus years of riding on singletrack trails of all sorts with features such as rock gardens, steep sections, rolls and drops, roots, and small jumps. You are confident on the bike in most situations. You’re constantly looking to improve your riding skills and enjoy riding for extended periods of time climbing and descending in terrain of all sorts. 

Ten plus years of experience riding single-track, freerides and biking of all sorts. You live for steeps,  jumps, rock gardens, techy trails, long descents, big ascents and discovering new terrain. Mountain biking is one of your passions and you are ready and confident to do what you love in a new and challenging place.
You can handle anything we throw at you — jumps, rock gardens, steps, technical descents, tough ascents, etc. Biking is a central part of your life. For you, the bigger the challenge, the more excited you get.


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