Ausangate Adventure Vacation

Enjoy thermal hot springs, local homestays and hiking trails on this 3-day Peru Adventure Vacation!

Ausangate Adventure Vacation

Enjoy thermal hot springs, local homestays and hiking trails on this 3-day Peru Adventure Vacation!
Price from: 640 USD pp

Stunning 3-Day Ausangate Adventure Vacation in Peru!

In Incan mythology, Ausangate is home to Apu, the spirit of the sacred mountain. Our Ausangate adventure vacation gives you three days in the majestic Vilcanota mountain range of the Peruvian Andes. Here you can see for yourself why the Incans chose this area as a place of worship and peace.

Our Ausangate adventure tour takes you off the beaten path, far from the crowded tourist circuit, to the wild back country of Peru, where we’ll explore the majestic Ausangate wilderness. This guided hiking adventure passes six glacial lakes and has snowcapped mountains almost close enough to touch. We have intertwined culture and hiking on this amazing 3-day adventure vacation!

Adventure Vacation Description:

This guided hiking tour departs from Cusco. We will travel for about three hours until we reach the base of the towering Ausangate mountain. Once there, you’ll stay in a local home, eat local food, soak in thermal hot springs, and trek some of the most beautiful trails Peru has to offer. This 3-day Ausangate adventure vacation is a perfect, secluded guided hiking tour that is an alternative to the huge crowds of Lake Humantay or Rainbow Mountain. If you are searching for a longer trek in this area check out our 5-day Ausangate trek.

Why choose Haku’s Ausangate Adventure Vacation in Peru?

We pride ourselves on searching out cultural adventure vacations that keep you away from crowded tour buses and out in the wilderness with nature. Our groups are kept small or completely private in order to give you our attention and keep you safe while exploring Peru. All of our cultural experiences are authentic and the result of many years of forging friendships with the local people. We make sure that they make no changes to their lifestyle, in order to give you a true local experience. A percentage of this trip’s profit is donated to local education programs for children.

Ausangate Adventure Vacation Highlights

Some highlights to look forward to on your guided hiking tour in Peru!
Count six pristine glacial lakes as you pass by them on the trek to Ausangate.
Taste delicious, home-cooked Peruvian cuisine high in the Andes mountains.
Soak your tired muscles in natural thermal hot springs.
Marvel at towering, snowcapped peaks as you hike below them.
Become friends with your hosts as they welcome you into their home at the base of the Vilcanota mountain range.
Stay far from overcrowded tourist areas.

Day by Day

The day starts at our Cusco office at 9:30 am; from here, we’ll head out to the majestic area of Ausangate, a 3-hour drive from Cusco. We will arrive at the home of a local in a very remote area in the Peruvian Andes, where you’ll be staying and eating. There will be a delicious Peruvian lunch waiting for us at the house. After eating, we’ll take a short, 3 km/2 mi hike to help acclimate to the elevation, and meet the local alpacas! When we get back from the hike, we’ll enjoy some hot tea – as the weather at 4267 m/14,000 ft and above is often pretty chilly! Dinner is at 7pm after which you are free to sleep or take a dip in the hot springs.

Adventure Vacation Stats: 

Distance: TBD

Max Altitude: 14,000 ft/4,267 m

Lodging: Local home

Food Included: L, D, snacks

Notes: The local homestays are very basic. While there is some electricity it is scarce and unreliable. There are no hot showers but the thermal hot springs are a 10 minute walk from the house. Prepare yourself for a real experience on your adventure vacation!

Rise and shine! Today we’ll wake up bright and early for a 6:30 am breakfast and head out shortly after. We will say goodbye to our hosts and take a packed lunch with us for our guided hiking tour.

As we leave our homestay we will pass the many alpacas that our hosts raise for both food and wool. Hiking this early we will pass many lightly frozen streams, and watch as the frozen grass begins to defrost from the freezing cold night of the high Andes.  After 3 km/1.8 mi of hiking the mighty Ausangate will reveal her majestic peaks to us. We will hike though open alpine terrain and under the snow caps.

After an hour of hiking we’ll come across the calm, emerald beauty of the first of the day’s stunning glacial lakes. Hulking glaciers and awe-inspiring mountain peaks will be common throughout the day. As we hike on, curious alpacas graze across the alpine scree fields all around us.

The Ausangate region is incredible and we go at a comfortable pace so you can get the most out of your guided adventure vacation. There are numerous photo opportunities! Upon reaching the highest point, an amazing lookout with views for days, we have a rest and eat our picnic lunch.

We will finish the trail at relaxing hot springs, a great way to end the day! After the much needed dip, we will head back to our homestay. We’ll have dinner and then be free to sleep, hang out, play cards and take in the beauty of this unique place.

Adventure Vacation Stats:

Distance: 20 km/12 mi

Max Elevation: 4876 m/15997 ft

Lodging: Local home

Food Included: B, L, D, snacks

Today we’ll have breakfast around 6:30 and head out around 8am to the Radar trailhead. This is most popular biking trail of Haku Expeditions but also doubles as a gorgeous, mostly downhill hiking trail. It’s rarely used, so don’t expect to see bikers or hikers. It winds downhill almost 1600 m/ 5000 ft,  and is a great crosscut view of Peruvian and Andean culture.

We will take you back to your hotel after our hiking tour and say goodbye!

Adventure Vacation Stats:

Distance: 13 km/8 mi

Max Elevation: 14,658 ft/4,468 m

Lodging: Not included

Food Included: B, L, snacks

General Information

What’s the price of this 3-day Ausangate Adventure Vacation? And what’s included?

The price per person depends on how many people are in the group.

$640 pp with 4 people

$800 pp private trek 2-3 people


  • Bilingual, knowledgeable guide for 3 days, and all his expenses
  • All transport
  • Entrance fees for the Ausangate Park
  • Entrance into the hot springs
  • Lodging for two nights in a local home
  • Seven meals
  • Snacks and water

Not included:

  • Meals not stated (breakfast on the first day, dinner on the last day)
  • Tips for your guide and driver

Peru’s currency is called the Nuevo Sol. You’ll be able to exchange US currency for the Sol easily in Cusco. The exchange rate often fluctuates between 3.7 – 4 sol per US dollar.

We recommend you bring cash. Peru is still a cash society. Most people don’t have bank accounts as Peruvian banks charge up to $15 per month just to have the account open. So, services like Venmo, Pay-Pal, and Apple Pay aren’t used here. Most local stores, taxis, and local restaurants are cash only.

ATMS charge around $8 to take out $60-200. Banks only allow a small withdrawal daily. Thus, it’s probably a good idea to withdraw a good sum of cash before you come to Peru unless you have a bank that returns the ATM fees. You can also try the app called ATM hero and do a little research before you come to decide if an ATM card or cash is best for you.

The USD, EURO, CAD cash you bring should be non-ripped bills. Small rips or bills that are written on are not accepted for exchange.

Seeing as Peru is a cash society and it is difficult to withdraw large amounts of cash, we require your balance be brought in cash.

TIPPING: Local restaurants generally do not require a tip, however, leaving a few soles is a nice gesture. Tourist restaurants are generally a 10% tip.

Tipping your guide in Peru is generally 10-15% of the price you paid for the tour. Drivers are generally the same amount in soles. (If you tip a guide 200 USD the driver would get often 200 soles) Tips should always be based on performance and are never obligatory.

Each person is required to have a specific travel/trip insurance outside of your credit card or regular medical insurance.

You should get comprehensive coverage with trip interruption/cancellation and with personal liability. Mention all activities that you will be involved in such as mountain biking, hiking at high altitude and whatever other activities you may have planned.

We do not provide refunds.  If you should get hurt or sick not only will travel insurance cover your medical expenses it will also cover the lost portion of the trip. Make sure you have trip interruption or trip cancellation included! South America is famous for people striking and shutting down all activities. If you miss your Machu Picchu trip, Galapagos or any other side trip,  or even your flight due to strikes the insurance will cover the loss or additional costs that are incurred.

Check out our blog on travel insurance and why it is a must for any South America Vacation!

What is the overall Adventure Vacation hiking stats?

Overall Hiking distance: 33 km/20 mi

Max elevation: 4876 m/15,997 ft

For this 3-day Ausangate Adventure Vacation you can be a novice trekker, adventure trekker or advanced trekker.

Your fitness level should be at least 3

Fitness level 3: You exercise one to two times a week but do not have a normal schedule that keeps you biking/hiking or doing other activities weekly. You don’t go to the gym or train for any specific sports but you lead a relatively active lifestyle by biking, hiking, skiing, or whatever it may be.

Note: If you would like to join us on the Ausangate Adventure Vacation and are not at a level three fitness, you can sign up if you begin a weekly exercise routine for two months before you come.

All international flights require a layover. Most layovers will be through Lima, Peru or Bogota, Colombia. In the case of flying through Lima most flights will arrive late at night in Lima and flights to Cusco will fly out in the morning. Many people get arrivals at 3-4 am and flights out around 5-6 am.

Your options for layovers in Lima, Peru.

  • Choose a flight that has a late arrival and early departure and sleep in the airport for a few hours (most common choice)
  • Choose a flight that has a semi-late arrival like 11 pm and a very late morning departure like 10 am and get an airbnb with airport pickup near the airport. (Choose something 5 min from the airport so you can sleep)
  • Get a room at the hotel connected to the airport. This hotel is called the Wyndham Costa del Sol
  • Purchase two separate flights. One to Lima and stay the night  in Miraflores. Visit Lima a bit for the day and fly out on a later flight to Cusco.

Things to note when arriving in Lima:

  • On arrival you will need to pass through migrations. These are very long lines and can take more than an hour sometimes.  If you have young children up to two years old, are over 65 or handicapped, by law, you can use the preferential line
  • After passing migrations you will need to pass through customs and declare any goods you may have brought
  • Once through migrations and customs you must recover your checked bags, leave the international arrivals part of the airport and then re-check your bags at the check-in. Here there are often extremely long lines. If you have paid for extra baggage or oversized baggage make sure you have the receipt so they do not charge you a second time. Also, oversized bags are dropped off in a special line so ask before you wait in the normal line
  • Once the baggage is checked you can go through the normal process and screening to get to your national flight to Cusco

As you can see there is a lot that you must do on arrival to Lima. You will need a bare minimum of two hours (if you have only carry-on luggage) in between flights.

What to bring:

  • Headlamp
  • Water bottle or two for refilling or
  • Camelbak bladder in your day pack/ hiking pack
  • Rain jacket
  • Waterproof hiking boots
  • Hiking poles
  • Down jacket, hat, gloves, scarf
  • Hiking clothes: quick-dry layers, long underwear, hiking socks, etc
  • Quick-dry towel and bathing suit
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Ear plugs and eye mask for sleeping
  • A book, cards or something for at night
  • Any medicines you may need: epi-pens, inhalers etc.
  • Camera or phone
  • Charging devices for phones and camera
  • Day pack for carrying water, camera, snacks, medicines
  • Ibuprofen, aspirin, or something similar for headaches or muscle pain
  • If you think you will want high altitude medication, Diamox is what many people use


Family Adventure Holiday
Trip of a Lifetime!!!

"My wife and I, along with our two children (ages 6 & 8) traveled to Peru for 15 days over Christmas and thanks to Bill and Nicole it was an adventure we will never forget. From the epic mountain biking to the breathtaking views on our three day trek, Haku saw to it that every aspect of our vacation met our needs perfectly. Their knowledge of the local culture and surroundings paired with their outstanding customer service left us wishing we could have stayed even longer. What was originally dubbed our once in a lifetime trip will definitely have a sequel or two or three!!! Thank you for the wonderful memories Bill and Nic!"

Brent Bowman
Florida, USA
Peru Adventure Vacation Review
Amazing adventure that could never be duplicated.

If your looking to Travel away from the beaten path of life, Haku Expeditions is able to arrange your wildest fantasy. We signed up for a 3 day/2 night expedition in search of the Andean Condor. The trek was masterly arranged by Haku Expeditions !!! Prior to departing Cusco, we were educated by this wonderful outfit on what to expect along the way. We ventured off into the Andes Mountains with a pair of binoculars and not a worry in the world. I can not describe the scenery nor the emotions which flooded our senses throughout every minute of this expedition. It was truly Amazing and my soul yearns to get back asap and do it all over again. I can not praise Nicole and William Koch (Owners of Haku Expeditions) enough, they are true experts in their field and super knowledgeable about this entire area. This boutique outfit has something very special to offer for any inquiry or requests you might have. They have changed the way we look at life going forward:) So Much Love, Joseph and Carly Stevenson

Joe and Carly
New York, USA

Is This Ausangate Adventure Vacation For You?

cusco to machu picchu

Our 3-day Ausangate Adventure Vacation is designed for thrillseekers who are looking for an off-the-beaten-path trip that combines amazing scenery with local culture. Our guided hiking tours are flexible and can be combined with other adventures such as a Machu Picchu day trip or mountain biking in the Andes.

Our 3-day Ausangate guided hiking tour is ideal for you if:

  • You love hiking and discovering new places by foot
  • You crave new adventures wherever you go
  • You want to be challenged and amazed with world-class terrain while in Peru
  • You dislike crowded hiking trails that are packed with people
  • You enjoy cultural immersion like homestays and lunches with locals
  • You want to pack the most scenery and hiking possible into 2-3 days
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Giving back

1% For Charity

Haku Expeditions donates 1% of all profits to support local education programs.

Ausangate Adventure Vacation

Only private tours available.

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Price Breakdown

What’s the price of this 3-day Ausangate Adventure Vacation? And what’s included?

The price per person depends on how many people are in the group.

$640 pp with 4 people

$800 pp private trek 2-3 people


  • Bilingual, knowledgeable guide for 3 days, and all his expenses
  • All transport
  • Entrance fees for the Ausangate Park
  • Entrance into the hot springs
  • Lodging for two nights in a local home
  • Seven meals
  • Snacks and water

Not included:

  • Meals not stated (breakfast on the first day, dinner on the last day)
  • Tips for your guide and driver
Ausangate Adventure Vacation
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Ausangate Adventure Vacation
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An XC bike is often lighter with a slacker head tube angle for better climbing ability and tends to not have a dropper post although the trend is changing. Usually it will be a hardtail or a full suspension bike with a smaller amount of suspension — 100-130mm.  

Most XC riders do not wear pads such as elbow or knee pads and wear a half-shell helmet.


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The front travel for DH bikes is usually somewhere around 200mm with the rear measuring slightly less. Because they generally aren’t pedalled uphill, these bikes are rugged and heavy and usually have less gears. DH riders wear full-face helmets, goggles, and body armor.

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Enduro riders need bikes that can take burly drops and rugged technical obstacles efficiently while still being light enough to climb with; they almost always use full-suspension bikes with wide tires and longer rear and front suspension travel. Dropper post is a necessity and standard. The front suspension can be anywhere from 140mm to 170mm. Full-face enduro helmets and body amour are a must for Enduro racing.

How do you help?

1 – The Haku Christmas Drive, which includes yearly clothing giveaways, shoe drives, and a public hot chocolate panettone lunch.

2 – School supply giveaway for children of the High Andes.

3 – Bringing bread and fruit to kids living at elevations where none is available.

4 – Facilitating connections between local organic farmers and local restaurants.

5 – Affordable MTB classes for locals taught by professional coaches

6 – Sustained commitment to hiring out locals to work as drivers, office workers, etc., allowing a great amount of flexibility for family commitments, and paying them fair, livable wages.

7 – Donating 1% of all profits to help educate children in a technical field such as carpentry.

8 – Helping young adults begin a small business working in their technical field or purchasing products from them to help them get started after high school.


General Fitness Ratings

1 – Getting your heart rate up isn’t really your thing, and you rarely (if ever) exercise. Your idea of a perfect vacation is total relaxation: sitting on a beach, sipping a mojito, and just generally vegging out. 

2 – You don’t necessarily work out regularly but you aren’t averse to the idea of doing something active. Although you don’t exercise that often, you don’t necessarily consider yourself out of shape.

3 – You exercise one to two times a week but do not have a normal schedule that keeps you biking or doing other activities weekly. You don’t go to the gym or train for any specific sports but you lead a relatively active lifestyle by biking, hiking, skiing, or whatever it may be. For biking: climbs and long descents give you some trouble and you tend to get tired after about 2-3 hours on the bike.

4 – You exercise 3-4 times a week and enjoy physical activities such as biking, hiking, skiing. You are active. For biking: you enjoy climbs that are are moderately long and being on a bike for 3-5 hours in one day doesn’t get you too tired or fatigued. 

5You exercise at least 4 times a week and are an avid athlete that is consistently in good shape. You’re more or less game for any kind of adventure. For biking: you’re comfortable with being on your bike for 5-7 hours a day. 

6 – You live and die for exercise, sweat, and suffering. You only want to climb higher, go farther, and prove how much of an animal you are. Steep climbs, long descents and big days are something you are looking to do more of and you can’t wait for your next adventure. 


Biking Skill Levels

You’ve been riding a mountain bike for a couple of years or less and you’re most comfortable on smooth single-track and wider, forgiving doubletrack. You like rides with scenic views; you like both ascending and descending on well-maintained, safe trails. You’re looking for an active but relaxing mountain bike vacation; you’re not into jumps, drops, super steep trails, rock gardens, roots or taking big risks on your bike.

You’ve got two plus years of experience mountain biking on single-track trails under your belt; you’ve gotten pretty confident behind the handlebars and are beginning to expand your mountain bike abilities. You like riding most types of terrain, and you’re comfortable both climbing and descending on single-track trails with smaller technical features such as rocky sections, small drops, and small steep sections. You aren’t trying to walk on most of the trail and are looking to take small risks with things like speed, jumps, rock gardens, and stair sets to improve your skills as a mountain biker.

Intermediate Tech:
You’ve got three plus years of riding on singletrack trails of all sorts with features such as rock gardens, steep sections, rolls and drops, roots, and small jumps. You are confident on the bike in most situations. You’re constantly looking to improve your riding skills and enjoy riding for extended periods of time climbing and descending in terrain of all sorts. 

Ten plus years of experience riding single-track, freerides and biking of all sorts. You live for steeps,  jumps, rock gardens, techy trails, long descents, big ascents and discovering new terrain. Mountain biking is one of your passions and you are ready and confident to do what you love in a new and challenging place.
You can handle anything we throw at you — jumps, rock gardens, steps, technical descents, tough ascents, etc. Biking is a central part of your life. For you, the bigger the challenge, the more excited you get.


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